Zubko: Germany and EU planning to support Ukraine in creating Energy Efficiency Fund

The government of Germany and the European Union plans to support Ukraine in creating the Energy Efficiency Fund. In particular, Germany intends to allocate 25 million euros for this purpose. 


Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister, Regional Development, Construction and Housing Utilities Minister, Hennadiy Zubko said in an interview with Ukrinform.


“At present there is support from the European Union and the government of Germany that have assisted us in elaborating the Fund’s conception. They see that Ukraine is interested in implementing this project. The state is investing funds from the budget; there are municipal programs that compensate interests on ‘heat’ credits. The most important is the desire of citizens to take credits, make houses warmer, save money,” Zubko said.


He also stressed that Germany, as well as the European Union, are planning to allocate real funds.


“The government of Germany has already declared that it plans to allocate about 25 million euros to the Fund. The European Union also shows the ability to provide the Fund with funds. The practical work has been already launched on this project: the government of Germany is financing the analytical group, which will be involved in the development of Energy Efficiency Fund,” the vice prime minister said.











April 2016