Who today is responsible for the information support oligarch Ablyazov?

Who today is responsible for the information support oligarch Ablyazov?

By Alina Kantor

The obvious lies to discredit opponents easily read by many of today's media. But in most cases this does not entail any legal consequences. And some, learning democracy in a number of Western countries, meanwhile, accused the same country in the absence of democracy. For example, the right to enter Paris and London as they need to understand human rights, in particular, their venality in the context of the fate of the fugitive oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov from Kazakhstan. So some Petrushova was seen in the media of their hyperactivity. Moreover, included in this process, violating all possible norms of journalistic ethics, blatantly distorting the facts, exposing judges whether as bribes, or simply stupid people are not capable of critical thinking.


As you know, High Court in London has condemned this international criminal to 22 months in prison, while France has decided to extradite him to Moscow.


In 2010-2011 . London's High Court at the request of "BTA Bank " frozen worldwide assets 1,000 companies tycoon. And then Ablyazova sentenced to 22 months in prison for violating the ban on alienation of assets. Ablyazov in prison did not want to sit down . The court deprived him of his right to a defense in civil suits filed by "BTA Bank ". Ablyazova rejected defense arguments without trial , "BTA Bank" was able to get court orders to collect $ 4 billion of assets Ablyazov case for another $ 2 billion going on.


It took several years to link the chain of offshore companies and prove the connection assets Ablyazov . Who came up stage of foreclosure . But talk about cash receipts early, as most problematic assets . For example , the project is a business center in Moscow was going to terminate the investment contract . Easier to personal property in the UK Ablyazova - his London mansion , apartment and estate. This property , valued at approximately $ 50 million , court put on the market . Also managed to get a few hundred million dollars of assets that are not included in the London proceedings.


Petrushova silent that the oligarch was deprived of political asylum in Britain. A nationalization of BTA Bank was a necessary measure. It happened after Ablyazov - his former chief had been robbed of its depositors. And this is done in a systematic manner for a few years. In 2009, when the financial crisis hit the world, the bank's problems suddenly appeared on the background of the common problems with liquidity. It was an ordinary bankruptcy. And the government, fearing the effect of "dominoes" and the loss of confidence in the banking system as a whole, was forced to pour crazy money to support the bank in working condition. Therefore Ablyazov fled, not waiting for becoming a financial inspection of his criminal activities.


Ablyazov brought out of the bank in the offshore over $ 5 billion. And this fact is proved by the court of London


Moreover, the Court decided to return the money and has seized property tycoon. From Ablyazov actions affected not only investors in Kazakhstan, but also international institutions to lend to BTA Bank, including the UK. However, in spite of all the known facts and decisions of the judicial authorities, who for several years studied the case Ablyazov Petrushova stubbornly he declares: "He is innocent." According to some observers, it was published - the essence of the information a criminal policy that has one goal - to get away from criminal responsibility. That is why there were accusations of partiality of the judiciary of England and France. According to some reports, Petrushova today is responsible for the information support of the activities of the criminal team oligarch .


As for Ablyazova, the Astana and Moscow and Kiev accusing him of fraud on a large scale. Claims to it is the prosecutor's office in Cyprus, Hungary, Latvia, Great Britain. And in Europe it is already accused of money laundering. Unfortunately, in Europe unbearable continue to apply to such a cursory major officials and oligarchs from the CIS countries. After all, they bring with them into exile money. It seems that those who make them are not interested in the origin of the money.







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