A unique approach for the development of dialogue

A unique approach for the development of dialogue

By Arthur Dunn

The recent geopolitical processes show that no system of government is not immune from illegal activities of terrorist groups and the influence of negative economic processes. The processes of illegal migration, expansion of international criminal networks by selling drugs and the slave trade are among the few issues facing the Asian continent. In addition, a high potential for conflict is saved as a result of the ongoing territorial disputes and militarization observed by a number of countries, including through capacity-building and nuclear delivery vehicles.


The list of these threats dictating the need to find an effective mechanism for cooperation in order to ensure regional security and stability. One such initiative is the work of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence -Building Measures in Asia (CICA). Established at the initiative of Kazakhstan in 1992 the platform is actively involved in the development of multilateral confidence-building measures aimed at strengthening peace, security and stability in Asia.


Today, the CICA has 26 states and 12 observers, including the UN, OSCE, TurkPA and the League of Arab States (LAS). Every four years, held the Summit of Heads of State and Government, which takes advisory decisions in the military-political, environmental, humanitarian and economic spheres, as well as on such measurement, as modern challenges and threats. Within the framework of a specially adopted CICA Catalogue of confidence building measures identified in five main dimensions: economic, environmental, humanitarian, fight against new challenges and threats, as well as military and political.


On the stage of the CICA Kazakhstan offered a unique approach for the development of dialogue: start with the implementation of confidence-building measures in the fight against new challenges and threats, as well as the economic, environmental and human dimensions, and in the future, on the basis of already established by the time the atmosphere good will proceed with the implementation of confidence-building measures in military-political dimension.


This method has given its results - meeting today is actively involved in building the confidence-building measures on the key issues and challenges in Asia. Known positive experience of the Meeting, when in the course of meetings at the highest level at the same table could seat the representatives of the different parties to the conflict of Israel and Palestine, Pakistan and India. Undoubtedly, these perennial conflicts cannot be resolved by one round of negotiations, however, it is on the sidelines of the CICA side managed to find some common ground, and for some time to come closer their positions.


Last for today Fourth CICA Summit in Shanghai clearly demonstrated in May 2014, that the member countries of CICA considered not only as a platform for dialogue, but also interested in using his platform to launch new global initiatives and projects.


The summit was marked quite interesting outcome. Actually, the Beijing marked the necessity of forming a new Asian security concept - Universal integrated sustainable security with new approaches, free from the shackles of the "cold war" and the "bloc." China since the summit has made his job a few innovations. For example, we have begun the work of business and youth councils in the framework of the meeting.


It is also one of the key events of the summit was the initiative of Kazakhstan on the transformation of the CICA in the Organization for Security and Development in Asia (paying), which could become a kind of analogue of the OSCE in Asia. According to Astana, during the global crisis, the West cannot sustainably develop in isolation from the East. Therefore, Asian countries need to do yourself a peaceful development of the continent. First of all, you need mutual cooperation and understanding, as well as records of Oriental traditions and values ​​in global development. It is believed that addressing can be one of finding ways to exit from the crisis of outdated models of the world, not only in Asia but also all over the world.


Experts believe that Kazakhstan has established itself as an active international player in shaping the architecture of global and regional security. It is well known that the initiative of this country is traditionally aimed at strengthening cooperation in the region and the search for mutually acceptable solutions .


According to a number of international experts, "Asian OSCE" can serve as an alternative center of development and collective decision-making in the field of security, as well as more interactive platform in the process of Asian integration development.


At the meeting in April this year, the fifth of the CICA Foreign Ministers meeting in Beijing, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said that the meeting has proven its usefulness as a platform to discuss collective approaches to solving various international problems. In the future, it is necessary to strengthen and increase the practical component of the CICA activities for effective implementation of confidence-building measures in all areas of cooperation.


Today we can state with confidence that the participating countries cooperating within the framework of the CICA, show a single disposition to mutual confidence-building measures and the strengthening of political and socio-economic stability in the vast space. Countries attach paramount importance to establishing equal dialogue and atmosphere for fruitful cooperation.


CICA Converting to a new international organization will have its own unique specificity. After all, if successful, this project could be a model instrument of peace and prosperity in Asia in the twenty-first century.






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