An unexpacted result

An unexpacted result

By Kim Shtern

The trial in Kazakhstan in the case of M. Ablyazov, one of the most famous financial fraudsters of the 21st century, led to a very unexpected result. Support for the former owner of BTA Bank refused the most zealous of his supporters.

It's no secret that most of the high-level scammers who lived in the CIS countries, leaving their homeland, suddenly become politicians. Many of those who held high positions in their countries declare themselves "dissidents of conscience" and political refugees. Thus, all of them are trying to avoid the prospect of being deported to their homeland and getting sued. After all, more than half of these "refugees" are accused in their states of very serious crimes: from corruption and fraud to murder.

Most often, such fugitives manage to get protection not only of the politicians of the "new homeland" countries, but also get unofficial support from the forces that are interested in destabilizing the situation in some states of the former Soviet Union. M.Ablyazov was an ideal option for the role of "political fighter" for democracy in Kazakhstan.

First, he has already been noted in the policy of Kazakhstan. Back in 2001, he was prosecuted for corruption in his time as Minister of Energy, and in an attempt to escape from prison M. Ablyazov joined the opposition movement "Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan". However, in 2002 he was still convicted, but the swindler left for freedom a year later, having written a petition for pardon in the name of the Head of State. A little later, he publicly promised never again to engage in politics.

Secondly, the oligarch used BTA bank money to sponsor revolutions in neighboring Kyrgyzstan (in 2005), buying up the assets of that state at a low price. He also noted in Russia. In 2016, the Russian chauvinist Alexander Potkin (Belov), who was funded by M. Ablyazov, was convicted of extremism for extremism. Even earlier, another wary oligarch got to court - one of the leaders of Russian radicals was the famous nationalist Dmitry Demushkin.

These two persons were actively used by M.Ablyazov to pressure the Russian authorities to promote their own business interests.

When it became clear that Kazakhstan's BTA Bank was brought to extreme financial exhaustion, M.Ablyazov simply fled Kazakhstan. And from the very first moment of institution of a criminal case against him at home, he suddenly declared himself a politician and an oppositionist.

In theory, having stolen 7.5 billion USA, M.Ablyazov could easily live in some place in the world. And without fear of extradition to their homeland.

Despite the fact that M.Ablyazov is a very sophisticated fraudster, it's no secret that today all fraudulent schemes for withdrawing money from the country have long been known to the special services.

This means that if desired, any special service of one of the countries that has access to the accounts of M. Ablyazov, can take it under his control. Which, apparently, was done from the moment he left Kazakhstan. It is simply impossible to explain the oligarch's passion for democracy and human rights in the states of the post-Soviet space.

At the same time, almost simultaneously, abroad, and in Kazakhstan itself, many supporters of a runaway banker appeared who, in unison with the "boss," began to sing about how badly they live in Kazakhstan. And this went on exactly as long as the courts in the "Ablyazov case" in the UK, and indeed in Kazakhstan itself, did not disclose all the schemes of fraud. And the evidence base was brought not by prosecutors, but by accomplices of a runaway banker - his deputies and heads of organizations, through which money was withdrawn from the bank. A total of more than 200 witnesses and participants in the trial. Most of them voluntarily came to the police and voluntarily told about their role in the "business of the century".

So, to continue to maintain the image of a criminal oligarch as a "political competitor" of the current government does not make any sense anymore. For his foreign "customers" M.Ablyazov has already been written off as a scam. That is why the destructive forces stopped paying those who yesterday praised the Kazakh swindler. Moreover, his former allegedly supporters, and most often in this role were the numerous paid bloggers living abroad, changed their tone dramatically. And today they massively criticize every step of the ex-banker.

This was understood by M. Ablyazov himself. That is why he decided to go to the last resort, announcing the creation of the "Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan" movement (DCK) for the second time. It should be noted that the DVK program miraculously combined populist slogans for the general public (to increase salaries and pensions severalfold) and to bow to the current government of Kazakhstan. Apparently, in the hope that Astana will forgive him again, in the program of the DCK the oligarch proclaimed support for the current intentions of the Kazakh authorities to introduce private ownership of land. And this despite the fact that only last year the swindler was a categorical opponent of private property and even sponsored rallies against the sale of land.

While it is known that the initiative of the oligarch was supported by the director Bolat Atabaev, who lives in Germany, Aidos Sadykov, who lives in Ukraine and Ainur Kurmanov, who lives in Moscow.

At the same time, one of yesterday's associates of M. Ablyazov Eric Klyshbaev found out that today's "friend" of banker Aidos Sadykov is mentally ill. One of his relatives gave out information that he was being treated in a psychiatric hospital and is on the account of a psychiatrist.

Another blogger Saken Zhunusov, who until recently fully supported all the theses of M.Ablyazov, suddenly called on the oligarch to return to the country, to speak openly and stop cursing power abroad.

Yesterday's allies did not just oppose M.Ablyazov, but against all his theses and the program of the newly created DCK. According to one of them, Ablyazov wants to undermine the entire Kazakhstani opposition and rule Kazakhstan as an oligarch. Moreover, they all openly declare that he stole the money of the people of Kazakhstan.

Most of the former associates of M. Ablyazov today call him a populist, a thief and a corrupt politician. It seems that the penniless ideological "political technologists" simply wrote off to the dump of a runaway oligarch.

And this means that, quite possibly, in a very short time, a number of European countries will change their vision of the "Ablyazov problem," and they will expose the more unnecessary cheater to one of the countries that have applied for extradition of the criminal.

Or, which cannot be ruled out either, France or the UK, in order not to spoil their image, simply put the fraudster in prison at home. After all, the list of claims for fraud, money laundering and the sponsorship of terrorism and extremism is also great for them to M.Ablyazov.

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