Transnistria Wishes to Joint Russia

Transnistria Wishes to Joint Russia

By Svatlana Bocharova, Liliya Biriukova

Transnistria following Crimea wishes to join Russia and suggests extending the grounds of new territories annexation 


The address for the Chairman of the State Duma  Sergey Naryshkin on behalf of the Supreme Council of the non-recognized republic with a suggestion to provide an option of Transnistria annexation to Russia was sent by the Chairman Mikhail Burla.


The address (Vedomosti has the copy) was a reply to the SRs’s bill on relaxation of the procedure of annexation to Russia of new territories, which allows including into the territories of Russia the parts of foreign states without consent of these states provided there is no “efficient legitimate power”, grounding on the outcomes of a referendum or the application of their authorities.


The SRs’s bill enables Crimea annexation, but not the one of Transnistria, Burla notes: the authorities of Moldavia can’t be definitely described as inefficient. Except for that Transnistria would have had to hold a referendum following Moldavian laws, but the non-recognized republic has its own legislation. And finally Transnistria does not have operating Moldavian power bodies, which could address Russia with the annexation offer.


In 2006 97.2% of voters voted for annexation to Russia during the referendum on Transnistria (in Crimea preliminary it was 96.77%), Burla reminded. They have already adopted in course of the first readings the constitutional law of the recognition of Russian law as a part of Transnistria’s.


Russian Language has been approved as the state one, about 200 000 Russian citizens live in Transnistria. “The extremely complicated situation” of Transnistria can get even worse, if Moldavia, which has signed the EU Association Treaty, would introduce limiting economic measures, the address states.


Yesterday the SRs adopted a decision to withdraw their bill – they do not wish to impede the process of rapid Crimea annexation to Russia, following another scheme, explained to Vedomosti the First Deputy Chairman of the fraction Mikhail Yemel’yanov. Earlier a source in the “Fair Russia” has said, that the bill of the delegate Yelena Mizulina (which is a part of informational and not legislative agenda), which occurred contextually and probably was sanctioned by the Kremlin, was not planned to be adopted. Soon the bill shall be finalized and introduced once again, in order to enable annexation to Russia of other territories in a critical situation, Yemel’yanov promised.


The Constitutional Committee yet is focused of the issues related to the Referendum in Crimea, said the Chairman Vladimir Pligin to Vedomosti.



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