By Alina Kantor

In 2000, Berezovsky had quarreled with Putin emigrated from Russia and became active in the post-Soviet countries , trying to counter the policy out of the Kremlin. He founded the New York Civil Liberties Foundation to support democratic reforms in the former Soviet space. This fund , in particular, is known for having its funds financed from the "orange" Ukraine's opposition and paid lawyers . Subsequently, it is the various funds in the post- steel fugitive oligarchs basic tools of influence.


For some time now , one of these tools became Fund "Open dialogue" . It is known that the non-governmental structure works more on lobbying in the interests of the international structures of the fugitive oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov . And this activity is the cause of scandals.


It is no secret that large funds are used to finance oligarch numerous media , NGO and various funds. But according to the European courts , this sponsor stole more than five billion dollars and suffered from English, French , Ukrainian , Russian and Kazakh banks . And it should be known also by Polish politicians who support fund " open dialogue ." According to the declaration of the fund is the tool of information and cultural exchange for the gradual , natural transformation of post-totalitarian society towards democracy and civil liberties . However , it turns out that the main purpose - to give ordinary criminal status of dissident opposition and remove it from liability. Fund almost become a tool to support and protect the oligarch in the EU and the concealment of his crimes on the territory of former Soviet states . And the methods and rhetoric have nothing to do with the stated objectives . The Foundation has become a great tool that is used to protect the interests of the wealthy oligarchs and destabilization in young democracies. In Polish and other media reported in November 2013 Fund employees through social network notification organized more than 300 thousand Ukrainian citizens about this protest. "Open dialogue" was initiated by a trip to Ukraine several members of the Polish Parliament to support the protesters . However, all these activities were not entirely correct, is not in line with democratic rhetoric .


The fact that Ukraine is one of those countries , who appealed to France to extradite Ablyazov as a criminal. And although in the end the championship on extradition Ablyazova got Moscow , which also initiated his prosecution , Kiev in this scenario has played an important role. New Ukrainian authorities are trying to reconsider the case Ablyazova , and the French began to think - whether to give it to Russia ? Done so , to turn into a bargaining Ablyazova time between Russia and the West. Thus, the fugitive oligarch forms of his image as an important person . Today, it is his only chance to escape punishment . Look strange statements of the Fund that it does not evaluate the validity of presentation Ablyazov charges.


As a person who is very experienced in political games and semi-criminal business Abliyazov could find " ahilessovu heel" of European democracy . For this purpose only and need - to conduct the operation cover , carry out some action in the field of democratization and to make strong statements against the government . Oligarch learned to play on the costs of bloc thinking and quiet chuckles controlled democratic Europe.






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