Timmermans appreciates Poland's efforts on Tribunal: Deputy PM

Timmermans appreciates Poland's efforts on Tribunal: Deputy PM

Polish deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that European Commission's deputy president, Frans Timmermans, appreciates the work the government is doing to resolve the crisis around the Constitutional Tribunal.


The two politicians met on Thursday in Brussels to discuss the current dispute over Poland's Constitutional Tribunal which has divided the country's political and social factions.


“Mr Timmermans appreciates that our conversations are ongoing, that the proposals are being formulated between the two parties,” Morawiecki, who is also Poland's Development Minister, said following the meeting.


“From today's conversation with [Timmermans], I strongly inferred that he is aware that some serious proposals are being formulated, while the details are to to be rolled out over the coming days,” Morawiecki said in the Belgian capital. He added that: “I think that the intention of all parties, or perhaps nearly all, is to end this [conflict].


On Tuesday, following talks with Timmermans in Warsaw, Polish Prime Minister Szydło said that she wants a compromise solution to a crisis over the country’s Constitutional Tribunal.


Szydło added that she and Timmermans agreed that an ongoing row over the tribunal, which has caused bitter divisions in Poland and concern abroad, “is obviously a matter that Poland must resolve on its own, internally.”


Poland is locked in a political stalemate after the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, which came to power in October, introduced sweeping reforms to the Constitutional Tribunal and other institutions.


The moves have drawn criticism at home and abroad. The tribunal has rejected PiS-backed changes to the way it functions.

PiS, in turn, has refused to recognise that ruling by the tribunal, claiming it is invalid.



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