“Third World War” of Terrorists

“Third World War” of Terrorists

By Robert Nakarada

Lately in Europe a mutual terroristic threat has been growing from the side of Western and Muslim cultures.

A new problem of “world terrorism” has revealed in the world – terrorism has stopped being organized by Al-Qaeda or its analogues.

Terrorism has gone into masses. The events of the last year in Near East showed that terrorism changes its face. If earlier terroristic acts although were big, they still were local, then now methods of terrorists are being widely implemented even by everymen. By this today terrorism from the ideology of individual groups of fighters for statehood or religiosity turns into the mechanism of struggle for social masses against everything that is being refused. This way it was when economic problems incited a wave of protests at the square Tahrir in Egypt.

The same way war in Libya started. Following this scheme the events in Great Britain this august and the events in France developed two years ago. Having begun with confrontations between policy and armed citizens, the events grew into the thing that can’t be called in another way but “controlled massacre”.

In the essence today accomplishment of a number of democratic rights and freedoms of people, such as the right for freedom of gatherings and expression of opinion, gains the look of uncontrolled radical crowd. And this is also one of the looks of modern terrorism, considering the material and humanitarian damage caused by this crowd.

Often the reason for spontaneous terrorist splashes is the collision of civilizations about which yet 20 years ago talked Samuel Huntington. Many people observed the signs of this confrontation during the bashings in Great Britain and France. But a striking proof was the tragic events in Norway. Ultra right wing nationalist Islam-phobic Anders Behring Breivik on his own arranged and performed the blow in Oslo and massacre at Utøya island.

Which means that no terroristic organization had anything to do with these events. Lately in Europe mutual terrorist treat has intensified between Western and Muslim cultures. On the one hand the growth of migration to Europe from Islamic states leads to dissemination of Islamic culture influence, which results into gradual escalation of anti-Islamic views within the host-countries. On the other hand, gradually enhances dissatisfaction among immigrants with free Western culture.

Considering that among migrants (especially in the light of last events in North Africa and Near East) a huge part cover declassed elements, the threat of confrontation of alien and local cultures promotes.

On the other hand, this situation can be used by terrorist organizations any moment. In the essence, the grain of propagation can drop into a fertile soil of migrant environment, where social dissatisfaction is high. From the other side, this scenario is more probable, increases the risk of appearance of “spontaneous” single-terrorists, as it was with Breivik.

However this problem is typical to not only for developed states. In recent years it has activated also in yet calm developing states, including post-soviet ones. It is not a secret that psychology of many Western people is based on the stereotype: ”the states with the names ending with “stan” are potential terrorist threat: Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc”. The list includes also Central Asian states of the former USSR: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

By the way last three are included into this number under the territory of terroristic flash-points.

This way, Uzbekistan is the motherland of the most radical organization of the region “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan”. There as well as in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan there are bases of the organizations “Jamaat of Central Asian Mujahedins ” and “Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami”. The last one leads intense activity in Near East and North Africa, in the states of the European Union, South-East Asia and Australia, the CIS states.

In non-Muslim states the organization has various ideological activity, calling to establish Caliphate, grounding on the laws of Sharia. (By the way the fighters of IDU undertook the ideology and methods of HuTahrir).

It is not excluded that also ideological propagation of “Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami” assists the growth of protests among Islamic youth of Europe. As one of their main “explanations” of unsettled life of youth is the reference to the “way of life unacceptable for God”: “You live bad and poor because your current leaders have drawn in corruption and are not Muslims or have forgotten about real Islam”.

Despite that in recent years this organization has turned from propagation to arrangement of terroristic acts, its propagation activity gives pretty good results. This is observed in the growth of Islamic views in earlier quite safe states of Europe, as well as the former USSR.

For example, post-soviet country the Republic of Kazakhstan in the beginning of nineties was included into the so-called “instability bow”.

However later on it was hardly mentioned – Kazakhstan has remained one of few CIS states which managed to avoid inter-national and inter-religious conflicts, considering fact, that in reality this is a national state, that come out of the depth of the USSR with more than 130 nationalities living.

Nevertheless, they didn’t manage to avoid here globalization of terrorist ideas of Islamism. Marginalization of a small part of society has resulted into occurrence of protest ideas through support of Islamic ideas. In the essence, there are no firm terroristic or radical extremist organizations within the territory of the country. But there are more than enough of their representatives as preachers, arrived to Kazakhstan in 90-s, and students studied in religious universities abroad. But recently it has appeared that there is some terrorist organization, the leaders of which are the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, fighting within the territory of Afghanistan  - “ Jund al Khilafah” (Soldiers of Caliphate). However, its members have not been revealed within the territory of Kazakhstan.

Today Kazakhstan makes more severe the conditions of existence of all religious organization, which activity is being strictly controlled, religious literature coming into the country is being thoroughly selected.

But still they don’t manage to avoid terroristic acts.  They, terroristic acts, are not the products of international organizations. More likely tragic events in the country are the same as the events in Norway: single-terrorist shot 7 people. Except for that, today religious-extremist shadow in Kazakhstan as well as in other states of the world is favorite one of criminal groups.

Last several years in the world predicted by Nostradamus “Third World War” is being noted: “definite outlines of threat” erase, which were traditionally represented by the states of the “Axe of evil” and “Bow of instability”. And now no country in the world, no matter how hard it would try, is not secured from appearance of a single-terrorist dissatisfied with something.

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