There Is No Turkey In The South Stream Natural Gas Pipeline Project

There Is No Turkey In The South Stream Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Laying the pipeline which will carry Russian natural gas to Europe under the Black Sea through Turkey's exclusive economic zone within the South Stream project is getting started. Steel pipes for the first pipeline in the South Stream project, which will consist of four pipelines, will produce a Germany-based company Europipe.


The General Manager of Europipe Dr. Michael Graf said that with the increase of business volume due to South Stream they did planning for a new parallel production center. Graf said that within this planning there were important steel pipe manufacturers and that Turkey didn’t take part in this planning. And the spokesman of South Stream Transport Company Jasper Jansen said that none of the Turkish companies was involved in the production of steel pipes for the 1st and 2nd pipelines. Jansen informed that initially there would be used steel pipes in the value of 1,8 billion Euro, including 1 billion for line 1 and 800 million for line 2. Besides Jansen stated that there was made a final decision that South Stream wouldn’t have land entry from Turkey.


In January 2014 Europipe had signed an agreement with South Stream Transport company concerning the manufacturing of pipes which would form the first one out of four parallel South Stream pipelines. South Stream Seaway Pipeline will start at Russia's Black Sea coast near the town of Anapa, pass through Turkey’s Exclusive Economic Zone and reach the land at the coast of Bulgaria near the town of Varna. By reason of tension in Ukraine, Russia made a decision to lay the pipeline through the Turkish area of Black Sea. And Turkey gave a positive response to this request of Russia. South Stream Transport B.V. Company, which is developing the project, was founded for planning, constructing and operating the seaway pipeline that would pass through Black Sea. Among the company's shareholders there are such partners as Russian company Gazprom Open Joint Stock Company (50 percent share), Italian company Eni S.p.A (20 percent share), French energy company EDF and Wintershall Holding GmbH which belongs to German BASF Group (15 percent share each).


In the South Stream Project, which will carry Russian natural gas to Europe, the process is beginning. By running a pipeline under Black Sea which will form South Stream, it is aimed to contribute to meeting Europe's growing gas demand. South Stream company’s spokesman Jasper Jansen said that the most challenging part of the project would be the construction of seaway pipe. In the pipeline project, which is planned to pass through four tunnels at the shores of Russia and connect Black Sea exclusive economic zone located in Turkey with Bulgaria, the total line length will exceed 900 kilometers. In summer months, together with the first excavation works, it is planned to start the pipe stockholding in Varna and Burgas.


In connection with the discussions that 'South Stream would pass through Turkey’s territory' Jansen spoke clearly: "During the project evaluation were discussed many routs, including the ones inside Turkey but this route is already the project's final state." Jansen who stated that it would be impossible to run the line through Turkey also said: "in the line exposed to 280 bar pressure it is technically impossible to make any addition”. The South Stream spokesman who mentioned that offers would be evaluated during the tenders for other pipelines said that there were no Turkish companies in the 1st and 2nd lines but the participation of Turkish companies in the 3rd and 4th lines as subcontractors would be possible. Jasper Jansen stated in the following way: "Turkish companies have been included into the project of line passing through the common exclusive zone at the point of evaluation in terms of environmental management." Jansen was also asked about the tension between Ukraine and Russia and America’s decision concerning sanctions. He responded: "This tension has not affected our shareholders. I believe that the matter is viewed in a larger scale. The first supply will be implemented next year. As South Stream management we would prefer not to enter the political conflicts."






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