Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hostages of Dayton

By Aleksandr Golubev

The end of the last week was marked for Bosnia and Herzegovina with unprecedented flash of street violence. All commentators note that the kind of situation has not been suffered through in the country since the end of the war in 1995. During protest actions hundreds of people were injured – police as well as those who came out to reveal their anger in the street. During those several days of confrontation several regional administrations were crushed, and the Presidential palace was set on fire. As one of the activists Darko Brkan smartly noted, Bosnia and Herzegovina “collective mental breakdown”.

Where Does NATO’s Turkey Go?

By Arthur Dunn

This October it’s the 60th anniversary of joining Turkey to NATO. In the heat of the “cold war” it was extremely important part of strategic planning of the North Atlantic Alliance. Those times its task was about counteracting to the extension of geopolitical influence of the Soviet Union. Except for that, together with Greece simultaneously joining the Alliance it was a natural barrier on the way of direct approach of the USSR to an oil-wealthy Near East.