Abkhaz cost of Russian Protectorate


By Vladimir Kravchenko

If as a result of the nation-wide referendum of the multi-national Crimean people it shall become independent, than investments shall flow generously into the free Crimea. And not only from Russia. Russian tourists will flow. First of all, it is a tradition, second – it shall be popular. A “Cabin in Crimea” shall become the dream of all prosperous Russians, land lots and realty estate costs shall jump up. Generally speaking, Crimean people will have a good opportunity to make some extra money. 

See you in Sukhumi


By Diana Zadura

Viewed from the side it would seem that the issue of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is now closed for business, and what happened cannot be undone. Georgians however did not abandon hope. In the New Year message, President Saakashvili proposed to his fellow countrymen to greet with a greeting ”See you in Sukhumi,” following the model of ancient Israeli, greeting with the New Year greeting, ”See you in Jerusalem.”

Standards of Bagapsh

By Sergey Markedonov

The second President of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh died on Tuesday, May 29th, 2011 in Moscow. This politician was not simply the second Head of the Republic. No matter how people in and out of Abkhazia treat him, the name of Sergei Bagapsh will be connected by historians with the recognition of state independence of the entity, which survived 14-month armed conflict, long-standing regime of sanctions and existence with “hung up” status.

Abkhazia and the promises of princes

By Magdalena Frichova Grono

The success of self-determination efforts in Kosovo and now South Sudan heightens the aspirations to statehood of small Eurasian territories such as Abkhazia. But with the status of this Black Sea entity trapped in a geopolitical limbo, Abkhaz and Georgians will need more than the patronage of the powerful to solve their conflict.