Sweden seeks to bring back conscription in 2018

Sweden seeks to bring back conscription in 2018

If policy is approved, approximately 4,000 18-year-olds of both sexes could be called up each year


Sweden plans to reintroduce compulsory military service from 2018, eight years after it was abolished.


The Scandinavian country, which has not seen armed conflict on its territory in two centuries, ended conscription after it was deemed an unsatisfactory way of meeting the needs of a modern army.


“I hope that we are going to find a path to a more stable, robust and functional means of recruitment,” the defence minister, Peter Hultqvist, said.


The policy will affect Swedes born after 1999, according to a report by a former member of parliament for the defence ministry. The measure is expected to be adopted by parliament, subject to agreement between the leftist government and the centre-right opposition.


Approximately 4,000 18-year-olds of both sexes are expected to be called up each year.


The move was “an intelligent proposal given that we have seen for a number of years now that volunteers are not sufficient to supply either the quality or quantity of soldiers” needed, Johan Osterberg, a researcher from the School for Advanced Defence Studies, told the news agency TT.


Sweden is not a Nato member but has signed the organisation’s partnership for peace programme launched in 1994 to develop military cooperation between Nato and non-member countries.



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