Strategic Counterargument

Strategic Counterargument

Strategic Counterargument The country’s top leadership in course of the training on the management of the Armed Forces of Russia


The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held an event of special importance last week. Under his supervision in the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation (NCDM) held was a training of the supreme military command, where they worked out the matters of practical implementation of unions and military units of the missile troops and artillery, aviation and air defense within on-land groupings offense and counter missile-air strike of an enemy, as well as on retaliatory strike by the Russian nuclear deterrence forces (NDF). In reality the readiness of Russia to global military clash was tested.


The character of all performed tasks was defined with the notion “mass”. It depicted also the scale of offensive actions of the maneuver enemy as well as retaliatory measures of the Russian Armed Forces. The main objective of the training included testing the system of management of military bodies of the country, reliability of transfer of training order and signals from NCDM to the command center of the unions and military units in Missile Strategic Troops, Aerospace Defense Troops and Long-range Aviation. The event involved strategic bombers, subsurface launch platform of the Pacific and North fleets, strategic land-based mobile missile system, forces and means participating in aerospace defense, unions of missile troops and artillery of the Southern and Central army commands. This was the day of truly mass missile launches within the territory of the Russian Federation and... near abroad.


The most powerful and precise types of weapons, in essence, were used simultaneously at several test sites. The troops of SAC and CAM fighting off invasion of multiple ground troops of the maneuver enemy had fire practice with multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) “Uragan” and “Grad”. The artillerymen were destroying motor vehicle convoys, command centers and the positions of the subdivisions of the maneuver enemy at the test site Cherarkul’ by Chelyabinsk. To assess efficacy of the target kill they used home-produced unmanned aerial vehicles, video-signal from which were transmitted on-line to NCDM. And at the test site “Kapustin Yar” in Astrakhan’ region the longest range Russian MLRS “Smerch” had fire. Except for that performed were successful launches of missiles from the Iskander-M operative-tactical complexes that able to carry nuclear warheads.


The grouping of air-defense and aviation of SMC at the test site Ashuluk countered a mass missile strike from the aerial vehicles of the maneuver enemy. Combat crews of air defense systems С-300, Buk-М1 and Pantsir’ –С covered the maneuver area from the air strikes, having successfully countered the training air-strike. As the Commander of SMC reported to the President, all missile-targets, imitating the targets, were destroyed.


At the test site Priozersk (Kazakhstan) successful interception of ballistic target was performed with the short-range ABM. The union of missile defense of the Command of Air Defense and Missile Defense Troops of Aerospace Defense successfully countered mass missile-nuclear strike. Combat crews of the Aerospace Defense troops detected and accompanied ballistic targets with real launch of the ABM from Amur unit.


In course of the training strategic submarine cruisers of the North Fleet Tula and of the Pacific Fleet Podol’sk launched ballistic missiles from the waters of Barents Sea and Okhotsk Sea. As the Defense Ministry noted the launches of marine-based missiles were performed underwater. “According to telemetry and the observational posts, the missiles’ heads landed at set time to the test sites of Chizh in the north of Russia and Kura in the north-east of Russia”, stated the official representative of the ministry. Also the warhead of the intercontinental ballistic missile PC-12M Topol’ was delivered to Kura the launch of which was performed by the combat crews of Strategic Missile Forces from the launch site Plesetsk.


It is left to add that on-land targets at the air test site of the Western Military Command were countered by cruise missiles launched by the strategic launch-platform Tu-95MS. These launched were performed in so-called revolver manner, when six cruise missiles one by one stroke the on-land targets, imitating the key facilities of military infrastructure of the maneuver enemy.


“Strategic nuclear forces demonstrated the ability within limited short period to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles. This proves high technical readiness of the whole grouping of strategic nuclear forces”, reported the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Segey Shoygu to the President after training completion. He also reported that till 2021 it is planned to increase the number of precision munitions carriers fourfold.


Minister underlined specially the planned character of the training. It was appointed yet in last November. And still the current international situation demonstrates that such big-scale event for NDF testing as well as the total arsenal of Russian missile armament was pretty appropriate. No wonder that during the meeting with the Presidents of Armenia, Belarus, Kirgizia and Tajikistan held the same day in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin underlined: “We all had an opportunity to evaluate the high level of readiness and the teamplay of the grouping of strategic offensive and defensive forces of the country … Being a reliable guarantor of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia it plays a significant part within assurance of global and regional security”.


The heads of all four named states, members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, also attended the National Defense Center of the Russian Federation during the training. The President of Belarus Aleksander Lukashenko afterwards stated that “even during the times of the Soviet Union the Armed Forces couldn’t afford such scale of the training”. With it he once again underlined greatly increased capabilities of Russia and its allies to prevent, and if necessary, to counter the attempt of armed aggression again the CSTO states. 



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