Situation in which no progress could be made

Situation in which no progress could be made

By Alina Kantor

Once a very bright individual, whose intelligence we certainly cannot doubt, pointed out:” Democracy involves the right of the blind to be a judge in a beauty pageant. I don’t want to step on the toes of all who advocate human rights and freedom; however, this aphorism reveals the ill of our society. Being driven by our zealousness to teach other nations how to live life, we often neglect them and impose our way of thinking upon them. 


I found myself overcome by sadness after checking information in the international news section about the “heroes” of our time, the democrats of the new generation raised in, so to say, countries located to the East of Vienna. 


As someone who was raised during the times of “iron curtain”, I have always found it interesting to watch the post soviet republics morph into democratic states. At the beginning I applauded and welcomed democratic changes, except for “colorful revolutions of course, but now I feel deeply disappointed. 


The USA and Europe politicians in their drive to force democracy upon post soviet countries to the point of no return, invited bad politicians and people to their partnership to build democracy thus creating situation in which no progress could be made. 


Let us take for example Kazakhstan, economically progressing republic in Middle Asia, situated between Russia and China. According to scholars, the democratic process in Kazakhstan involves steady developmental stages. Unlike its neighboring countries, Kazakhstan started working on its economy first and then it made gradual transition towards democracy 


It all makes perfect sense. However, there is one negative thing about this country- it is rich in oil, gas and other natural resources. The procrustean bed of democracy, according to the latest world news, applies very harsh arbitrary standards towards such countries as Kazakhstan. In their efforts to gain power over the country that is rich in natural resources, some careless politicians invite immoral individuals including criminals to take part in the democratic process in Kazakhstan. One of those individuals is Mukhtar Ablyazov, a fugitive banker, con artist and thief wanted by the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan law enforcement agencies. It is hard to believe that this individual used to be a non-legally recognized by Kazakhstan opposition leader who had enormous support to such an extent that he was granted political asylum by the British government. This is where the British diplomacy failed. It was clear to everyone. Evidently no one benefited from this lesson and the politicians are likely to repeat the same mistake. Even though Ablyazov was able to stay in hiding, his team still continues pseudo democratic activities. One has to be really blind not to see what these people represent. I, for one, unlike others, have finally realized it. 


I noticed journalist Igor Vinyavski , one of Ablyazov’s supporters, in one of social networking sites engaged in things not typical of him. Dressed in a US marine uniform he was sexually assaulting a Muslim woman wearing a hidjab. This was one of the photo shopped sneak previews of a soon to be released porno movie. Vinyavski and his wife (she was playing the part of the Muslim woman) are quite popular in the inner circles of sexually challenged people. Being frequent visitors of swingers’ clubs in Poland, they engage in group orgies, sodomy, and sex with minors for money. This does not come as a surprise to anyone any more. After all it is a modern society that is accustomed to freedom, the freedom that is so wildly enjoyed by bohemian cliques. 


Anyway, you can do whatever you want, dear Sirs Democrats, within your cliques please, but do think of the consequences. The shocking true-to-life scenes from the porno movie showing the sexual assault of the Muslim woman is a ticking time bomb. As soon this clip starts circulating in the internet, it will bring about strain of anti-American aggression. Muslims have not fully recovered yet from the insult that they received from the production of “Innocence of Muslims” movie, which hurt the US reputation as well. It is worthwhile to note that the threat is real. Nobody will directly link the US to the production of this illegal porno movie. There are many bad movies one will protest, so let Vinyavski be liable for it. However, there is a caveat: the production of this offensive video clip was funded by the Polish non-governmental organization “ Open Dialogue,” for which Lana Vinyavskaya works. Her office is located in Warsaw. 


It seems like the US Department of State is being set up by the non-governmental organization “Open Dialogue” since it is on the US Department of State’s payroll. It is a fact that the Vice President, L. Kozlovska, who is intimate with Lana Vinyavskaya, had a major influence in getting the funds for the production of this porno movie. Some Polish journalists and law enforcement agencies who happened to be the Vinyavski’s swinger club buddies were also involved in some scenes in the porno. 


After reading all this, it will no longer come as a shock to anyone that Vinyvski ‘s wife repeatedly did sexual favors to Muratbek Ketebaev, the Head of the Social Fund “Civil Activities.” She was getting a big chunk of cash from her generous lover/client out of fugitive banker Ablyazov’s funds meant to finance media campaign against Kazakhstan. As a matter of fact, Madame Lana’s indecent photos in nude may be utilized as a new symbol of Kazakhstan opposition. So here it is- the naked truth about Kazakhstan. 


Well, we should not put all the blame on the Vinyavskys. Do remember that they are just puppet marionettes in someone else’s puppet show. Manipulated by Ablyazov, Vinavsky almost got imprisoned in Kazakhstan for his attacks against the constitutional structure of Kazakhstan government. He was released because he was just a journalist who happened to be a puppet on a string and because he was not dangerous. Aftewards the Vinyavski family relocated to Poland where Vinyavski applied for permanent residency. I will not be surprised if I come to know that Ablyazov was behind the production of this porno. He has financial troubles, his assets are frozen, his relatives, the Khrapunov family, are in Switzerland going through court proceedings and their assets have been seized as well. It is possible that the fugitive banker in an effort to make money is resorting to crime and now produces porno movies. But it is not easy. There are many who would love to make money on porno movies but to be successful you have to produce something out of ordinary that would shock the public. That’s why we are seeing the scenes where an American marine is raping a Muslim woman. Incorporating such a sensitive political subject in a porno movie will definitely bring lots of money. As movie loving Americans will say: “ It is nothing personal; it is just a business.” In conclusion, I will add that the politics is a dirty business. I am saddened that dirty politicians and porno perverts can really identify themselves with the US. 






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