By Arthur Dunn

Uzbekistan put into operation the electrified railway line Angren-Pap, which, after passing through a tunnel in the mountains, will connect the center of the Ferghana Valley. Previously, to get from one part of the country to another, I had to drive through Tajikistan, which is often accompanied by problems. In addition, the new road will be an important link in the international transit corridor China - Central Asia - Europe.


The railway line Angren-Pap 123 km, including 19 km long mountain pass Kamchik, linked regions of the Ferghana Valley - Andijan, Namangan and Ferghana regions - the main area of ​​the country. Earlier the way from Tashkent to Ferghana region went through Tajikistan from Bekabad-Khujand-Kanibadam-Kokand.


The road Angren-Pap is much more complicated than its Russian analogue - Transcaucasian highway and the Roki Tunnel. Uzbekistan was able, even with the help of Chinese contractors in two years and are relatively cheap (about $ 2 billion.) To build such a facility. Now in Fergana can carry more cargo, including coal for local power. Due to the railway authorities of Uzbekistan can at any time to transfer a large amount of manpower in the Fergana Valley to troubleshoot both internal and with its neighbors.


One of the main problems in Central Asia - poorly developed railway network. There is a rational network of Soviet ceased to satisfy the region's countries, the complex relationship between which prompted them to search for new "outlets in the world", passing neighbors. It is no accident in any high-level talks with potential investors this communication problem is one of the most important, and every project in this area enjoyed increased attention.


Two years ago, the railway Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran has been launched. But due to the bad relations of the country continue to look for their own versions of "windows to the world." In particular, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are linked to the outside world through the Russian railway network, which go through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, water and territorial disputes which impose a negative impact on other aspects of cooperation. In such circumstances, a major player in infrastructure projects in the region may be China. For a long time discussing the construction of the railway in China, Kyrgyzstan, and by Chinese standards. This, according to some experts, will seriously affect Russia's interests in the region and will require improving the security of neighboring Central Asia Russian regions. But China itself does not address projects of roads and railways as a priority. Perhaps aware that excessive activity in this area can cause tension in relations with Russia, and prefers that the initiative in this regard came from the Central Asian subjects themselves.


On Chinese money built the road is only in Tajikistan. The Chinese road direction pad in Kazakhstan, funded by the local government to borrow from international investment banks. A similar situation in Uzbekistan. On these roads can go to Chinese goods. But first of all necessary communication states in the region.








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