Rzeczpospolita: Putin deploys "SS-26 Stone" missiles in Kaliningrad

Rzeczpospolita: Putin deploys "SS-26 Stone" missiles in Kaliningrad

The Russian Armed Forces deployed the "Iskander" missiles (NATO "SS-26 Stone") in the Kaliningrad region and carried out military exercises using them.


Polish Rzeczpospolita publication reports about this. Training was held in secrecy from 5 to 10 December. Nevertheless, only recently it became known that 9000 Russian soldiers from the western military district had participated. Moreover, the maneuver included artillery, 250 tanks and 55 warships.


Russian media reports that the main aim of the maneuvers was to work on troop's mobilization on alert to repel a hypothetical attack on the Kaliningrad region.


The publication writes that President Vladimir Putin personally gave an order to hold the maneuvers and deploy "SS-26 Stone", capable of carrying nuclear warheads, in the region. A week ago, it became known that Russia had placed "SS-26 Stone" in the Crimea. Certain caliber artillery systems also have the capacity to use low-power nuclear warheads, but "SS-26 Stone" is the complex, which brings a high power nuclear charge.











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