Russia to deliver S-300 to Iran in August or September

Russia will deliver S-300 air defense systems to Iran in August or September, the head of Russia’s state-owned Rostec corporation, Sergei Chemezov said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. 


“I think we will deliver the S-300 by the end of the year… there are still court deliberations going on in Geneva. We agreed, they [Iran] promised that they would drop their claim once we make the first delivery. The first delivery will be in September or August,” he said March 11.


He added that Iran said they need only an S-300 PMU-1.


“We suggested an Antey-2500, but they said no, give us the S-300. So, OK,” said Chemezov.


Russia and Iran concluded a contract in 2007 for the supply of S-300 systems. But, after the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 1929, which provided for the imposition of sanctions on Iran, the realization of the contract was suspended.


Iran, in response, filed a claim against Russia at the International Court of Arbitration.


Currently, the parties are negotiating on the withdrawal of this lawsuit.


 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a decree removing the ban on the supply of these systems to Iran.


Russian state arms producer Almaz-Antey in June said it would supply Iran with a modernized version of the S-300, among the world’s most capable air defense systems, once a commercial agreement was reached.



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