Russia Gave Green Light to Gagauz, the European Union – to Transnistria

Russia Gave Green Light to Gagauz, the European Union – to Transnistria

By Svetlana Gamova

Fruits and meat from the south of Moldova shall flow in Moscow, and industrial goods from east shall flow in Europe.


The Gagauz Autonomy in the south of Moldova shall supply to the Russian Federation fruits, vegetables and meat as reported the head of the autonomous entity Irina Vlak after the meeting with the First Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin held in Moscow. Mrs. Vlah reported that Russian specialists would arrive in Gagauz to evaluate the export potential of the region after May 9th.She noted that she obtained support from the government of Moldova. At the same time Transnistria addressed already Europe for export support. The deputy of Moldovan Parliament, an honorable Chairman of the Democratic Party Dmitry Diyakov said that Kishinev would assist Tiraspol.


The specialists shall prepare a draft of measures for Russian government to ease the export of agricultural and industrial goods to Russia from Gagauz, stated Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin after the meeting with the Head of the Gagauz Autonomy Irina Vlah. She arrived in Moscow to discuss the cooperation between the Russian Federation and the autonomous territorial entity in the south of Moldova. It is known that Gagauz has always promoted strengthening of contacts with Russia and integration into the Customs Union.


“I can promise you that considering the interest you reveal regarding restoration of economic relations with Russia we shall forward a group of experts to Gagauz, if you invite us, and they shall travel across the Republic to see what you’ve got” said Rogozin. According to him experts should estimate the agricultural and industrial products of this Moldovan region and prepare a quotation for the government. “We shall work out a draft of the decision, which shall help to ease export of these products,” concluded Vice Prime Minister.


Irina Vlah reported that the group of Russian specialists is to arrive in Gagauz right after May 9th”: “At the moment we are discussing the details”. She said that Gagauz counts to supply fruits, vegetables as well as beef and lamb to Moscow and Russian regions. 


The support of Moldovan authorities including the parliament for the plans of Gagauz was also confirmed by the deputy, Honorable Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova Dmitry Diyakov. “We shall welcome the initiative of Gagauz. But Russia allows export from Moldova selectively. Such approach can and should be changed by gathering for a meeting and reaching an agreement. And the trade should cover not only individual regions but Moldova in general”, Moldovan politician outlined the issue.


He also noted that Kishinev shall assist Transnistria to export the products to the European Union. Recently Minister of Foreign Affairs of Transnistria Nina Shtanski during the meeting in Tiraspol with the Head of the EU delegation in Moldova Pirkko Tapiola and the Head of EUBAM (the EU mission on border aid to Moldova and Ukraine) Francesco Bastagli said “Transnistria stands on the edge of losing the biggest markets – Ukraine and the European Union”.


According to Shtanski today “transit of goods to Transnistria through Ukraine has grown twice less, and the trade turnover with the neighbor country in the first quarter has reduced in comparison with the same period last year by 54%”. “We would like to have with all our foreign partners an open, trustful, clear and pragmatic dialogue to search economic instruments to improve the well-being of people, revive the economy and not vice versa. We think that instead of squeezing and pressure we should focus on joint search for the solution. All international partners involved in regulation of the Transnistria issue should bare social responsibility for the situation”, she underlined. According to the report of the Infotag agency, Francesco Bastagli assured that EUBAM gives attention to a new wave of the economic situation worsening.


We should note that crisis in Russia has affected the export of Transnistria: after the fall of the ruble rate it has become unprofitable for Transnistria manufacturers to sell goods to the Russian Federation. Moreover control has strengthened at the border with Ukraine through which the goods from Transnistria flew to Russia. Ukrainian frontier and customs officers started blocking transit cargoes. Only the trade corridor to the EU had left. However the validity of European preferences for Transnistria agents expired on January 1st. The Deputy of Moldovan Parliament Dmitry Diyakov commented to NG on this matter: “Transnistria is a part of Moldova. And Transnistria people should use the same preferences as the rest Moldovan manufacturers and suppliers. The EU is ready to grant such an option which has been repeatedly confirmed by the representatives of the European Union”. Also Diyakov noted that the Parliament shall assist to the people of Transnistria to get new EU preferences.


The source close to the Government of Transinstria said to NG that there has never been such a complicated situation in Transnistria as today. Recently the biggest in the region textile factory Tirotex has stopped. This factory started exporting its goods to the countries of the EU and Canada yet in 1990-s. The troubles of the Metallurgic Plant of Moldova also persist. The plant was modernized with the aid of Germany and was recognized as the best mini-metallurgic enterprise in Europe. Its goods were also exported to West. Today according to the source “the only way out Transnistria has is the way to the EU”. “It is unprofitable to sell to Russia, and Ukraine won’t let that happen”, noted the source. By this Moldova is interested for Transnistria to trade not with the states of the Customs Union, but with the EU – “step by step integrating into Europe without forcing”.







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