Rouhani: US possible withdrawal from nuclear deal not to affect Iranians’ lives‎

Rouhani: US possible withdrawal from nuclear deal not to affect Iranians’ lives‎

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the possible US withdrawal from the nuclear deal  will not bring any change to lives of Iranians.

Rouhani made the remarks May 6 while addressing a group of people in north-eastern city of Sabzevar, Razavi Khorasan province.

Rouhani said that the Islamic Republic has a plan for every decision that the US President Donald Trump may make.

Trump said that he wants to reimpose US sanctions on Iran that were lifted in 2015 in exchange for Iranian commitments to curb its nuclear program.

He has given UK, France and Germany - which still back the deal - a May 12 deadline to fix what he views as its flaws. These include its failure to address Iran’s ballistic missile program, the terms by which inspectors visit suspected Iranian sites, and “sunset” clauses under which some terms expire.

Meanwhile Rouhani said that all countries excluding the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel say that the nuclear deal reached between Tehran and the six world powers is good.

He added that the Islamic Republic will not negotiate over the arms and its defence capabilities.

“We will produce and store as many as missiles that the country needs,” Rouhani said.

He further said that if the US exits the nuclear deal it will soon face a historic regret.

Necessary directives have been given to related organizations and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) to proceed in case of the US withdrawal from the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action aka nuclear deal).




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