Rogun damage to Uzbekistan estimated at $600 million — US experts

Rogun damage to Uzbekistan estimated at $600 million — US experts

Expert studies of the University of North Dakota State University in the United States estimated that the annual expense of Rogun HPP in Tajikistan evaluated for Uzbekistan in the amount of $ 600 million.

According to the authors, from the construction of the Rogun Hydropower Station downstream countries will face a shortage of water for irrigation, for this reason, Uzbekistan’s GDP to decline by 2%. And more than 300 000 people will lose their jobs. «To fill the reservoir, Rogun will take 12 years and four months, and during this period the reservoir, located in the lower reaches, will face a shortage of water to fill their tanks,» the authors of the study. They also believe that summer discharge of water from the reservoir will fall on Rogun 18%, and in winter would increase 54%. «As a result of 506 million hectares of land, which is equal to 11% of all cultivated land in Uzbekistan will become worthless, while another 336 thousand HA will be withdrawn from circulation,» the researchers say, reports Baku Today.

Uzbekistan is opposed to construction of a large HPS in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, which are the main water supplies in Central Asia. At a recent meeting with the President of Kazakhstan, the Uzbek leader said about the possibility of water wars in the region. The Tajik authorities and the expert community who do not agree with the arguments of the Uzbek colleagues argue that the construction of the Rogun HPS does not imply the imposition of restrictions on the use of water in the region.

The Tajik authorities have been forced to agree to the holding of the international expertise of Rogun HPP World Bank. At this period, Tajikistan pledged to deal exclusively with the restoration works on the site.

Meanwhile, the draft budget for the year 2013 the Rogun project envisaged to allocate more than 1 billion somoni ($ 1 = 4.82 somoni). In the budget for the current year to restore the Rogun HPP was 800 million somoni.



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