Rahmon: "Tajikistan is under negative impacts of climate change"

Rahmon: "Tajikistan is under negative impacts of climate change"

"93% of the territory of Tajikistan are mountains, and 60% of water reserves of Central Asia are located on Tajik territory. At the same time, our country by virtue of its peculiarities is under the negative impacts of climate change," President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon said.

He delivered remarks at the opening ceremony of the high level symposium on strengthening cooperation on sustainable development amid modern challenges, the President's press service said.

The President noted that the country is annually struck by natural disasters that cause millions of dollars of damage to the national economy and take lives of people.

The climate change cause melting of glaciers and rise of water level in rivers, consequently causing a negative impact on such basic areas of national economy as hydropower, agriculture and industry.

Expansion of cooperation and partnership in achievement of the sustainable development goals depends on the initiatives on elimination of modern challenges and ensuring sustainable peace and stability, Rahmon said.

"Tajikistan, like other landlocked countries, faces difficulties in ensuring its integration and joining a multifaceted trade structures. It negatively affects on the process of ensuring development of other spheres of life in the society," he noted.
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