Putin Attempts His Image Back

Putin Attempts His Image Back

Open for the Press address of Vladimir Putin during the conference of Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives expressively outlined the situation, in which Russian President and foreign policy of the Russian Federation have found themselves.


Russia and its leader made a short and flying way from Syrian to Ukrainian crisis. In the first case Putin acted as the guarantor of peace, initiator of compromise solutions – with logical repeatedly expressed line of principle. In the second case (less than in a year!) Russia has transformed into the object of sanctions from the partner of other world powers.


At the moment Putin undertakes an attempt to get the image lever into its initial position. Petro Poroshenko is called a new President of Ukraine, by his name and patronym, in the open address of the Russian leader there is already no word about legitimacy. Underlined is intention of Russia to peace, it is underlined that Moscow tries to act in cooperation together with its western partners France and Germany instead of alone. Talking about reporters died Putin expresses doubts, concerns and hope that the investigation shall be held. Criticizing the unipolarity (where he implies the USA) and defending the sovereignty of countries he is not threatening, does not rattle a sabre, but simply suggests the West to evaluate the consequences of their actions – as Putin observes them. These were his foreign-policy addresses within pre-Crimea period.


Noticeable softening of rhetoric means that the policy of Russia in relation to Ukraine cannot be considered successful. They managed to annex Crimea, to enhance the rating, but it has provoked a march of self-proclaimed sovereignties and expectations, which Moscow is not able to satisfy. The sanctions of the West do not seem scary, when they are presented by the newscasters and the experts at Federal TV. In reality sanctions are also not really pleasant for Russian economy and the contracts with China are not that profitable, as it is represented in public, and dependence of Europe from Russian energy carriers does not really tie its arms and foot.


Putin cannot blame the representatives of Russian diplomacy for that everything happened not the way they would like, that sanctions are under discussions and new black lists are issued. It is quite evident that Ukrainian matter lately has been focused on the President himself and, probably, his closest circle. The diplomats only were forced execute the decisions adopted and to maintain the interests formulated. Now Putin can only thank them for their work and give new orders. And if now he is willing to get his old image back and get himself back into the old frameworks, professional diplomats should gain more initiative as it was during the situation around Syria.


During the speech for the Ambassadors Vladimir Putin constantly underlined the situation in Ukraine. He fit it into the global context, then he talked about Ukraine in the context of interrelations between Russia and Europe, then he got back to the global context again and the matter of security. It seems that now it is important for him to declare that Russia has it right, but he wishes to declare it within a discussion instead of dogmatically, like “Americans can do such things, so why cannot we?!”. It is the ground for a relative fresh thesis about significance of preservation of constitutional order in the countries with unstable democracy, including Ukraine. The problem is that in such countries it is hard to understand who defends the Constitution. The ruling elites, including authoritarian rewrite the Main law for their own convenience. In Ukraine the new Constitution was adopted as a result of the Orange Revolution, later it was amended by Yanukovych, and after his overthrow the Rada got back to the Constitution of 2004, and now a new draft is under consideration. Trying to get back to the former diplomatic course, Russian authorities keeps in manipulating with disputable categories.



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