Prospects of Baku-Moscow-Ankara format

Prospects of Baku-Moscow-Ankara format

The Baku-Moscow-Ankara regional axis is a promising format and it is expected to become even more important if it is expanded, Head of the Strategic Analysis Center of the Russian Innovative Development Institute, Russian expert Andrey Ivanov told .

Ivanov was commenting on the significance and prospects of this trilateral format.

“The Azerbaijan-Turkey-Russia regional axis meets a single goal, focused on maintaining a stable and secure situation in the region,” he said.

"The cooperation of Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey benefits all those who are interested in stability not only in the South Caucasus but also in a big region around the Caspian Sea," Ivanov said. “The Moscow-Baku-Ankara axis is extremely important for the development of good-neighbourly relations, but it can also be part of other, broader associations.”

“BRICS summit has been recently held in South Africa,” he said. “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the summit. Iran thinks about it. One can recall SCO. Iran has already entered it and a proposal was made for Turkey to join it. I think the more we have such formats for honest and open discussion of pressing problems, the better.”

Ivanov stressed that there is the format of the CIS, the Eurasian Economic Union in the post-Soviet area, which are also open to the countries which are friendly to Russia.

"Politicians must communicate more often with each other, look for a compromise on everything, even insignificant issues,” he added. “As a result, big conflicts will be avoided. We see Azerbaijan’s current balanced policy. It is not a member of any unions, but cooperates with everybody. Today, Turkey pursues a fairly pragmatic policy. It is a NATO member and thinks about SCO and BRICS. In its turn, Russia stands for interaction with all countries and this is extremely important today in the system of international relations.”



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