President Nazarbayev calling for truce in Ukraine

President Nazarbayev calling for truce in Ukraine

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called to declare truce in Ukraine, a correspondent reports from Minsk, Belarus.


“We are urging to immediately resolve the humanitarian catastrophe in the East of Ukraine. The task now is to ensure a large-scaled humanitarian aid campaign to assist Ukraine’s people (…) the efforts should be supported by international organizations, including the Customs Union and the CIS”, President Nazarbayev said when speaking at the summit of the Customs Union heads of state, Ukraine’s President and reps of the EU.


“Kazakhstan is ready to render all possible aid, including via the country’s Red Cross and Red Crescent. Among other things, the organization could act as a neutral middleman when escorting humanitarian freights sent by other nations. There should be an unbiased international control system to ensure timely supplies of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. I would call the sides to declare truce to facilitate the humanitarian aid campaign”, he said.


When speaking on the necessity of peaceful settlement, Kazakhstan’s President urged to give up on military solutions. “There should be a peaceful respite to save lives of innocent women and children that have become hostages of the military opposition. We are calling the sides to cease fire”, he said.


Among other things, President Nazarbayev stated it was important to stop reciprocal sanctions that have an adverse affect on common citizens and may trigger a new wave of the global financial crisis.


“Europe and Asia will be among the first to be hit (…) Therefore, we are calling to get back to constructive interaction and to start lifting the sanctions gradually”, President Nazarbayev believes.


“Not only the South-East of Ukraine, but the entire Ukraine needs large-scaled aid efforts of all the international community. Not only West countries, but also countries of the East should contribute to the efforts. Such concerted efforts are of paramount importance to prevent an economic collapse in Ukraine. We should come up with an idea of an international fund to bolster the Ukraine’s economy”, he said.


President Nazarbayev believes the international community should make sure Ukraine and Russia come to terms on gas supplies before the winter season starts.


“We welcome the intention to discuss conditions of the association between Ukraine and the EU. It is important the document takes into consideration interests of the neighboring countries, including those of the Customs Union [of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus]”, President said, adding that the next round of the talks among the Customs Union, Ukraine and the EU could be hosted in Kazakhstan.









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