President Duda meets with Chinese foreign minister

President Duda meets with Chinese foreign minister

Economic cooperation, the "One Belt One Road" project and the Central and Eastern Europe-China summit were the main topics of a Wednesday meeting of Poland's President Andrzej Duda with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Warsaw.


The talks focused mainly on economic and infrastructural Polish-Chinese cooperation, with special emphasis on the "One Belt One Road" project, Presidential Minister Krzysztof Szczerski told PAP.


Preparations for the Central and Eastern Europe-China summit in Suzhou on November 24 and 25 were another subject of the talks, Szczerski said and added that President Duda would lead the Polish delegation to the summit. Also planned are bilateral talks in China, he added.


According to Szczerski, the meeting also focused on "Poland's role in Central Europe and the EU and the role of the Polish-Chinese strategic partnership in the context of European policy".


Other subjects included the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. "The two politicians exchanged views on the subject and stressed that peace was the highest value in international relations".


Szczerski added that the Polish head of state upheld the invitation to Chinese President Xi Jinping to pay a visit to Poland in 2016.


While in Poland, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday will hold talks with PM Ewa Kopacz and Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna.


According to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Marcin Wojciechowski, talks held by Minister Wang Yi during his first visit to Poland will focus on bilateral relations and preparations for the Central and Eastern Europe-China summit in Suzhou on November 24 and 25.


Ministers Grzegorz Schetyna and Wang Yi will meet on Thursday morning to discuss trade, opening of the Chinese market to Polish food and Poland's participation in the Chinese "One Belt One Road" project, Wojciechowski told PAP. A press conference of the two ministers is planned after the meeting.


Wojciechowski added that the Polish-Chinese talks will also focus on Poland's participation in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), cooperation between local governments of the two countries and Poland's engagement in G20.


The summit in Suzhou will be attended by 16 Central and East European countries and China. It will be preceded by a meeting of national coordinators of the 16+1 summit in Warsaw on October 28.


Polish-Chinese economic cooperation will be the main subject of a meeting of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and Minister Wang Yi. "The meeting is a continuation of top-level political dialogue with Poland's most important economic and political partner in Asia," the Government Information Office wrote.


This has been the first working visit of a Chinese foreign minister to Poland since 2012.









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