The possible negative prospect for Paris

The possible negative prospect for Paris

By Alina Kantor

The case of Mukhtar Ablyazov is considered one of the most scandalous in the past few years in the world. Kazakh banker is recognized as one of the biggest financial scam decade - he was able to withdraw from the bank he owned, as well as projects in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan more than $ 12 bln. According to investigators, Ablyazov embezzled large sums of money at the expense of investors financed the personal projects. Much of the money was stolen and displayed through the more than 1,300 offshore companies.


Once it was a criminal case Astana, Ablyazov has accused the authorities of the country in the "political pressure" and fled to Britain. However, after several years of London under the pressure of evidence provided by both Moscow and Kiev and Astana, deprived Ablyazov political asylum. The English Court ordered him to pay in favor of BTA Bank, taking into account the percentage of remuneration the amount of $4.8 bln.  However, to date the Kazakh BTA Bank, robbed Ablyazov could return just $1.4 bln. At the same time in Kazakhstan the amount of damage from the activities of Ablyazov is estimated at $7.5 bln


The French court also accepted the arguments of the foreign prosecutors and the results of its own investigation. In June 2013 Ablyazov was detained in France. Payments oligarch sought not only Kazakhstan (in Paris there is with this country extradition treaty), as Russia and Ukraine. The amount of damage in Russia is more than 5 billion US dollars, in Ukraine -. More than $500 mln.


French court after nearly two years of proceedings decided on the guilt and the need to Ablyazov's extradition to Russia (as the country having suffered the greatest damage from the actions of Mr. Ablyazov). At the same time under the pressure of the banker's supporters especially stipulated that he should serve his sentence it is in Russia, Moscow should not pass it on Astana. With this agreed, and the Kremlin, and in Kazakhstan. For Astana, I think it would be quite enough to its "abuser" and sat back the stolen capitals. This suit, and Paris, who feared "politically motivated" prosecution fraudster.


Therefore, it is a surprise for all was the decision State Council.


On the sidelines of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs are now trying to develop a position on the new turn Ablyazov case. The Kremlin has accused the Elysee Palace in violation of international law and its own Themis (recall earlier Court of Cassation found that the Russian General Prosecutor's Office request for the extradition of Ablyazov is fully consistent with international law).


Moreover, in Moscow believe that the "case Ablyazov" - another attempt to pressure the Kremlin. And this is happening against the background of Washington's decision to extend sanctions against Russia. Recall that France was in favor of the termination of the sanctions war and establishment of normal trade relations with Moscow. It is necessary, first of all France itself, which is due to the sanctions, lobbied Washington lost a huge market for its products. What further exacerbates the already bleak economic situation in the country.


Also important negative aspect for France is the prospect of deteriorating relations with Kazakhstan. Astana can not forgive the State Council decisions and Paris is extremely disadvantageous. Kazakhstan - a country that is a key political and business partner of France in Central Asia.


Such alignment of forces is extremely disadvantageous Paris, aimed at continuing strategic cooperation with Kazakhstan. As is now the French will have to increase their efforts to hold the position in Central Asia.


But already there were rumors that there was a decision of the State Council is not so much for political reasons as for financial. Allegedly, the lobbyists of the parties competing for the presidency, is actively looking for sponsors of the campaign. A Ablyazov, who faced up to 12 years in prison in Russia, promised a good amount "for help."






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