Political analyst – Failure of the Eastern Partnership Forces the European Union to Maneuver

Political analyst – Failure of the Eastern Partnership Forces the European Union to Maneuver

With the help of the “European Package” the European Union is trying to make a field for maneuvers after the failure of the Eastern Partnership program. This was stated for the IA REGNUM reporter by the leading expert of the Military and Political Studies Center of the Moscow State International Affairs Institute Mikhail Aleksandrov.


This was his comment to the so-called European package developed by 13 EU states and claimed as the document targeted to outline the prospects of the Eastern Partnership states after the Vilnius Summit in 2013 and before the oncoming in 2015 meeting of the Heads of Governments in Riga. According to the expert the idea of Yerevan-Brussels cooperation development is not bad, but there are some nuances.


"The case of that Brussels has recognized that it misjudged the European Partnership states – Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Azerbaijan. He wanted to attract them without offering serious efforts by this. There were various treaties, beneficial only for the European Union, and the EP state benefit was miserable, if there was some at all. As a result Armenia, Ukraine and even Moldova have started turning from the EU, where recently the Gagauz have had a referendum with astonishing results: 98.09% participated in the plebiscite, versus 1.9%, voted for joining the Customs Union – 98.47%, against – 1.52%, voted for joining the EU – 2.57%, against – 97.43%. The authorities of Moldova are afraid of holding a general national referendum, fairly concerning that the people shall be against Eurointegration. It also didn’t work with Azerbaijan, not mentioning Belarus ", - underlined Aleksandrov, outlining Georgia as the only country, to the expert’s mind, which can be drawn to the final point of the Eastern Partnership and associated with the EU.


"But Georgia is the country, which has lost territories by the current political course, having no prospects in the current situation. Such Georgia is not at all a prize which the EU strived for by arranging the Eastern Partnership. In a word it is failure and the time has come for political and diplomatic maneuvers ", - assured the expert.


By this Aleksandrov noted that these maneuvers are expressly demonstrated with the example of Ukraine with its actively developing domestic political crisis. "Today Brussels seems to offer assistance to Ukraine, but it doesn’t specify what kind of. They seemed to promise financial assistance, but without pointing out definite amounts. They don’t promise membership in the European Union, and even if they did, this gives no guarantees  - they have been accepting Turley for 20 year already, but the process is not finished. In general maneuvers are about rhetoric in terms of vacuum in practice ", - concludes the expert.


Nevertheless, Mikhail Aleksandrov thinks, that rhetoric maneuvers of the EU are not threatening the Eastern Partnership states in general and Armenia in particular. "Yerevan has made an official choice to join the Customs Union and should follow this line. Why not developing relations with the EU on such terms? Partnership, cooperation, benefits are good for the country. For example, Russia also negotiates with the European Union on various treaties, but on equal terms, that is why there are generally no results there yet ", - he noted.


By this, the leading expert underlined, to avoid any contradictions Yerevan in course of relations development with the EU should from time to time consult with the Eurasian Economic Commission.


As the IA REGNUM has earlier reported 13 European Union states have development a draft of the document for further cooperation with the Eastern Partnership states. The target of the document called European Package is to outline the prospects of the Eastern Partnership states after the Summit of 2013 in Vilnius and before the oncoming meeting of the Heads of Governments in Riga in 2015. The European Package was approved by the “heavy-weight” powers of the European Union such as Germany and Great Britain. The document’s draft does not include an option of membership in the European Union, however it is noted that the European Package should become the project to offer more prospects that the Association Treaty includes now. As for Armenia, the document particularly suggests promotion of the status of the Partnership and Cooperation Treaty, which currently regulates relations of Brussels and Yerevan ".



Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from eurasian-defence.ru






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