Polish and Turkish presidents support Ukraine's territorial integrity

Polish and Turkish presidents support Ukraine's territorial integrity

Poland and Turkey share the view that Ukraine's striving to maintain its territorial integrity should be supported, Polish and Turkish Presidents Bronislaw Komorowski and Abdullah Gul said at a joint conference in Ankara on Wednesday.


"My talks with President (Abdullah) Gul show that we have an identical stance on support for Ukraine's striving to maintain its territorial integrity, including Crimea," Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said in Ankara on Wednesday after a meeting with the Turkish head of state.


According to Komorowski, Poland and Turkey support the new Ukrainian authorities in their moves designed to stabilise the internal situation in the country.


"It is very significant for me that we have expressed our full support for moves designed to offer financial aid to Ukraine through our IMF membership and funds," Komorowski said.


The Polish president thanked the Turkish government for its quick reaction to the crisis in the Crimean peninsula. "I appreciate Turkey's quick reaction and sending its foreign minister to Kiev as one of the first representatives of the Ukrainian neighbours," the Polish president said.


Support from both Europe and other major global players, including the US and Ukraine's neighbours, such as Turkey and Poland, should "reassure and encourage (the Ukrainians) to strongly defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity," President Komorowski said.

Efforts should be made to avoid a continuing crisis, which could prove costly to Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the whole world, according to Komorowski. (PAP)


The Polish president added that he fully shared Turkey's sensitiveness to the issue of national minorities in Ukraine.


President Gul declared that Ukraine's territory should remain sovereign and the country's independence should be protected. He stressed that Turkey was interested in the stability of the Black Sea region and in activities aimed at solving the current crisis.


"We support strategic cooperation in order to contain the situation in Ukraine, we support the sovereignty of Ukraine's territory and protecting the country's independence," President Gul declared.


He expressed a conviction that the Ukrainian conflict could be solved in a peaceful way as he warned that the current tensions could lead to another cold war which would not be beneficial to any side.


The Ukrainian crisis dominated the first day of Bronislaw Komorowski's visit to Ankara, which also marks the 600th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. (PAP)











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