The play of one political weather vane

The play of one political weather vane

By Kim Stern

A new president was elected in Kyrgyzstan. Sooronbai Jeenbekov will officially take office on December 1, putting a trait under the six-year rule, perhaps the most ambiguous leader of the republic. Almazbek Atambaev's rule will be remembered not by economic or political achievements of Kyrgyzstan, which, alas, was very little, but by extremely odious behavior and scandalous statements that actually made Kyrgyzstan a pariah state in the post-Soviet space.

Almazbek Atamabayev, even for a very motley political palette of Kyrgyzstan - a very unexpected figure. The jargon, familiarity with opponents and even profanity from the highest rostrum became the norm for Kyrgyzstan over the past six years.

Many of his opponents once appealed to the General Prosecutor's Office of Kyrgyzstan with a statement on the need to conduct a psychiatric examination of the actions and statements of the president. They expressed doubts about the adequacy of the head of the republic, who suddenly publicly began to offend members of parliament with abusive epithets. In the suit, the offended politicians remembered Atambayev's statements, most of them unprintable. After this appeal, a linguistic examination was appointed and an investigation was carried out, which ended in favor of Atambaev.

Although the point is not at all how this strange story ended. The bottom line is that the country badly needs effective economic reforms, and the leading political forces at this time are arguing about the secret meaning of the absolutely meaningless, but definitely emotional statements of the president of this country. And this, of course, is sad, if not disastrous for the state, which has so many other much more important problems.

It should be noted that to generate internal strife with short-sighted statements is a little that the outgoing president of Kyrgyzstan really succeeded. Almazbek Atambaev never concealed that he divides the people into "northerners" and "southerners" and, playing on fears of both of them about the coming to power of people from "their own" regions, was able to secure victory in the elections in 2011, positioning himself in as a neutral candidate.

But the internal contradictions inspired by Atambaev are still not so bad. Over the past six years, Kyrgyzstan, with his light hand, has repeatedly appeared in the epicenter of foreign policy contradictions. When, for example, Atambaev, who swore in the eternal friendship of Russia with all the multimillion debts of Bishkek to Moscow, suddenly took sides with Ankara after the incident with the Russian plane shot down in Turkey. Moreover, Atambaev was then the only leader of Central Asia who expressed respect to one of the parties.

However, this behavior did not prevent the President of Kyrgyzstan, after resolving the conflict between Russia and Turkey, to come to Moscow, and thank Vladimir Putin for forgiving Bishkek's debt. And also sign a declaration on strengthening the alliance and strategic partnership between countries.

Once again, the role of the political weathervane, which changes direction from any wind blow, Atambayev played in relations with Kazakhstan. Forever worshiping the president of the neighboring republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev Atambayev, suddenly in the midst of the election campaign, began to slander accusations against the official Astana, forgetting about the economic assistance that Kazakhstan provided to the neighbors with millions of dollars. Atambaev remembered the story of Kenesary Khan, who died in the battle at the hands of Kyrgyz manas, who then treacherously presented his head as a gift to the Russian tsar. In this regard, the statements of Almazbek Atambayev look extremely inappropriate, unflattering and even compromising for the entire Kyrgyz people.

As many observers note, on October 15 of this year it became clear that the current regime in Bishkek cannot, is not able and does not want to learn from the tragic lessons of the history of independent Kyrgyzstan.

The play called "Presidential Election - 2017" was sold out by the sponsored by S.Zhenenbekov, or rather his Arab friends, international observers who declared about the legitimate and fair choice of the Kyrgyz people. All the action took place according to the script previously written, there was also a "war of compromising materials", professional voters arranged election "carousels" to ride buses from one polling station to another. Predictably prepared results, allegedly, by accidental error, the CEC specialists were placed in open access, due to which the opposition received slightly more votes. It is also obvious that the "witch-hunt" will continue until the incumbent president leaves. But the image of the country of its outgoing president has always worried little. Actually, like its economic well-being. During the six years of Atambaev's rule, the GDP of Kyrgyzstan remained practically at the same level. Against this backdrop, the sharp attacks of the politician, who have nothing to brag about and draw attention to, seem quite logical. "Black" PR is also a PR.



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