Pictures from the exhibition "Energy of the Future" in Astana

Pictures from the exhibition "Energy of the Future" in Astana

By A.Dunn

EXPO in Kazakhstan started on June 10 and will last until September 10. The theme of this year's exhibition is devoted to the effective use of the energy of the future. Researchers unanimously affirm that society must move to search for alternative energy. Scientists talk about the extraction of energy from underwater ocean currents, waves and ... cosmic dust. And all this with the help of modern technologies, which, for 1 minute, allow to generate from the same solar power station (with an area of ​​10 to 10 meters) the same amount of electricity as a modern nuclear power plant.

For such an event, Kazakhstan built a town with special glass pavilions and a futuristic pavilion-ball with a height of 20-storey house made of glass and metal with eight rising spiral levels. Expositions of the exhibition are accompanied by various laser, technical and computerized shows.

Here, each country, and their 115, presents its exposition. Rich participants - Germany, Great Britain, China, France - rented three "premises" at once.

Koreans presented the aircraft on solar panels, as well as their vision of a technological future. In their opinion, smart technologies will soon be available to everyone. The Chinese, in turn, showed real flying trains. In the pavilion of the Celestial Empire, you can see the installation of the sun, as a symbol of eternal energy. The Japanese exposed the world smart energy systems at the household level, under which energy will generate, almost refrigerators and irons. The pavilions of these Asian countries are on the list of the most visited at the exhibition.

Europeans ... Italians have shown how you can use energy from water ebbs and tides. With this achievement they are proud. Germany introduced a house with a facade of living algae. You can learn how Smart House technology helps to save energy, and also to become a source of energy with the help of an interactive key. The Germans brought to the exhibition a real sports car running on an electric motor. In each pavilion at EXPO, you can learn more about each country in more detail.

An interesting invention and the Slovaks. They came up with eco-capsules (one-room houses). In them, a person can live anywhere in the world. You can transfer them as an ordinary tent.
Almost every day at the exhibition is a national day of a country where delegates try to hold not just a tour for the guests of the exhibition, but also to organize a real show.

As a background for advanced energy technologies, the Russians chose the Russian Arctic. Another interesting exhibit is the installation "Energy of the Arctic" - on the water surface around the hemisphere with an iceberg floats - the mockup of the present floating nuclear power plant "Academician Lomonosov", which has no analogues in the world. It is able to power the city with a population of more than 20 thousand people.

The largest pavilion in the area of ​​Kazakhstan. The country hostess in the sphere of "Nur-Alem" presented practically all types of alternative energy sources. Organizers have tried to dilute science with entertainment, so new knowledge is given in a very accessible form.

Officially, at different stages of implementation in the country today there are more than 50 projects on renewable energy sources with a capacity of almost 2,000 megawatts. What makes the Republic an unconditional leader, at least in Central Asia. Over the past five years, the financial institutions of the European Union have invested 500 million euros in green energy projects in Kazakhstan.

"We try to deviate from the supply of exclusively oil and uranium from Kazakhstan (the supply of uranium to the European Union countries from Kazakhstan takes about 21% of the total). We plan to develop renewable energy sources. Of course, there are already a lot of implemented, as well as ongoing projects. Over the past five years, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank has provided funding of 500 million euros for the development of projects in the field of clean energy, renewable energy. For today, the EU focuses on building energy-efficient buildings, "said Deputy Director General of the Energy Directorate Gerasimos Thomas on the sidelines of the forum as part of EXPO-2017 in Astana.

As a rule, the participants of the EXPO are trying to show their best achievements. Thus, at the "World Exhibition" in Paris in 1878, Thomas Edison demonstrated the megaphone and phonograph of his own invention, Alexander Bell - an improved model of the phone, and the Russian engineer Yablochkov - an "electric candle" reminiscent of a samovar.

A survey of public opinion among the population showed that interest in EXPO-2017 is quite high. 32% of respondents either have already visited, or are going to visit the World Exhibition. And the overwhelming majority (66%) of the exhibition was already visited by friends, friends and relatives.

Interest in the exhibition and in Kazakhstan in general, has increased and with foreign partners. At the exhibition EXPO, which is visited daily, about thirty thousand people, contracts are concluded, investments are attracted and simply get acquainted with the hospitality, culture, traditions and way of life of the Kazakh people. Of course, in carrying out such a large-scale activities there are also disadvantages. These are negative aspects that were stopped during the time. However, Kazakhstan has more positive moments. With this it is difficult to argue that due to the preparation for the International Exhibition, the appearance of the capital of Astana has significantly changed. New infrastructure facilities are emerging and old ones are being modernized. An international terminal opened at the airport, a new railway station, which meet all the world's requirements. Construction of residential complexes is still under way. It's no secret that EXPO has become the largest construction project in Astana, which began in the crisis years. Construction work gave impetus to the city's economy. Thanks to EXPO and the amount of investments that were involved in the project, it was possible to improve and tighten the transport infrastructure of the city and other important social issues. And, finally, the issue was solved with the use of buildings and structures built specifically for the exhibition. The current square meters of exhibition pavilions will be the International Financial Center "Astana". This will give another powerful impetus to the economy of the country. On the other side of the square is the Technopark of Nazarbayev University. What will serve as a new catalyst for resolving breakthrough projects in the scientific and practical life of the country.


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