"Peace Mission" will be held in China

"Peace Mission" will be held in China

By Arthur Dunn

Russia and China will meet in 2014 in Afghanistan joint border operations.


In Khujand (Tajikistan) at a meeting of the defense ministers of countries - members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO ) topics related to the situation in Afghanistan , as well as the annexation of Crimea to Russia , became the principal . As is known , the allies of Russia SCO ( China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) differently about the emergence of new actors in the Russian Federation.


Central Asian countries , as well as China , in contrast to NATO and the U.S. is ready to support with Moscow military and military - technical relations . Nearing the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan , and hence increases the threat of instability in the region.


Participants of the meeting in Hudzhanate analyzed the results of cooperation in the past year and discussed the issues of further development of cooperation between the defense ministries of the SCO. Ministers endorsed the idea of a joint anti-terrorist exercises " Peace Mission ", which will be held this year in China . At the same time, a detailed analysis has been subjected to the situation in Afghanistan.


" We do not share the optimism of the Western countries in their assessments of prospects for stabilizing Afghanistan . Activity of international terrorist and Islamic extremist organizations in the country is still high , "- said in a speech Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.


According to the Russian minister, says the revitalization of the armed opposition in Afghan areas where there was a transfer of responsibility to the national security agencies . " Forecast increased terrorist activity near the Russian border ," - he added. It was found that the Russian Defense Ministry fully supports the initiative of the Chinese side on the establishment of the SCO anti-terrorist center.


Meanwhile in Tajikistan all interested evaluation Russian situation in Ukraine. Analyzing the possible threats that the SCO countries may face in the near future , Shoigu drew attention to the fact that the events in Ukraine were scripted Arab Spring . In this Shoigu said that the policy of the current Ukrainian authorities threatened the collapse of the state , " the Kiev leadership Flirting with neo-Nazis and promoting Russophobian sentiment can turn into a tragedy not only for Ukraine but for the whole of Europe. People of Crimea in this situation raised the question firmly and uncompromisingly . In a referendum , which was attended by 83 % of citizens for reunification with Russia in favor of more than 97 %. " During the bilateral meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Colonel-General Chang Wanquan Defense Minister of the Russian Federation said that the Russian side is grateful for China's support of Moscow's position in a situation with the Crimea.


The Russian leadership apparently sees support China that Beijing diplomatically expressed about joining in the Crimea in the Russian Federation. And when making March 27 UN resolution supporting the territorial integrity of Ukraine , China abstained . As did other allies SCO - Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan , and Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have not participated in the vote . At the same time attention is drawn to the fact that unlike other Central Asian CIS countries sharply criticized Moscow's actions last week only subjected to the Uzbek Foreign Ministry , said the issue of the Crimea to Russia contrary to the principles of "territorial integrity and political independence of any State ." At the same time such a position has not prevented the Russian representatives to attend on March 28 in Tashkent at the next summit of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure ( RATS ), and to discuss current issues related to the withdrawal of international forces in Afghanistan . According to the results of the first deputy director of the FSB Sergei Smirnov said that the SCO RATS concerned about the likely reduction of control over the security situation in Afghanistan as well as in neighboring countries , which include countries - members of the SCO Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Participants of the event decided to stand together against the negative trends data . "We are planning serious measures , including monitoring in the border and inside Afghanistan ." The details of such plans have not been disclosed , but on the official level of the SCO , it was stated that Russia and China will meet in 2014 in Afghanistan joint border operations.


Russia and its allies in the SCO and CSTO after the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan will create in its border areas with some CIS buffer territorial entities that will prevent the penetration of the instability of this country to other countries. Such mini-state in the 90- ies of the last century already existed on the territory of Afghanistan. Say the same of Uzbekistan , despite the declared principles of " territorial integrity" in the fight against the Taliban in northern Afghanistan supported " separatist " power Uzbek General Abdul Rashid Dostum.


Dostum earlier this year visited Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan . Experts believe that the visit of Gen. been connected with possible plans for protection from the Taliban and the formation of a buffer zone with its capital in Mazar -e-Sharif by the type of the one that existed before. Such buffers territorial formations formed along ethnic lines , behind the scenes now also organize Tajikistan and Turkmenistan . It is possible that for this purpose in Afghanistan visited Tajikistan delegation headed by President Emomali Rahmon. It is reported that representatives of the Afghan and Tajik law enforcement agencies discussed the prospects of joining the fight against crime, terrorism and extremism , as well as drug trafficking and arms smuggling . In addition, issues of interaction in the training and development framework. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan and Tajikistan signed an agreement.


On the Afghan- Turkmen border in the province of Faryab buffer zone already in place. Ashgabat first time in post-Soviet history unofficially announced mobilization to strengthen its border in the south.






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