In order to manage the risk of climate change

In order to manage the risk of climate change

By Arthur Dunn

One of the most important requirements for companies to governments, investors and consumers, it is the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions.


Requirements are contained in the legislation of dozens of countries, including all developed and major developing countries, including China, and in the existing international standards, including non-financial reporting standard GRI and ISO 26000: 2010 "Guidance on Social Responsibility". Stock exchanges make disclosure requirements on emissions of gases in etіh listing rules of shares and other corporate securities. It is expected that by the end of 2015, the disclosure of information on emissions parnіkovyh gases will be a requirement to the issuing companies in all major stock exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Hong Kong Exchanges.


In order to manage the risk associated with climate change and climate regulation, consumers are increasingly requesting information on GHG emissions from their suppliers, and investors - the companies - issuers of shares and other securities. Exchange of information on GHG emissions between companies along the supply chain, as well as between companies, banks and investors is becoming a common international practice and an important part of the global business process. Investment and other business decisions are made now including with an eye on the information provided by the company on GHG emissions. Consumers choose less carbon-intensive products (production and consumption which gives less GHG emissions per unit), and investors - the least carbon-intensive assets, dropping while those exposed to climate risks, including regulatory (associated with the steps taken to regulate GHG emissions ).


Against this background, the growing popularity of Climate Programme CDP, in which the company, including the largest, from different countries and different sectors are in the same electronic format, information on its activities in the field of climate change and its GHG emissions at the request of leading international investors and consumer products. Climatic ratings CDP, is given to companies for the evaluation of their report, published by the leading information and analytical agencies (Thomson Reuters, Google Finance), along with financial information and investors are taken into account in the assessment of the assets and the associated risk.


Thus, disclosure of GHG emissions is now becoming not just a demand of the times corresponding to modern global challenges, and an important factor in the success and competitiveness of companies, factor in their survival and development in the global markets.







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