Office of the NATO Liaison Officer (NLO) in Central Asia

Office of the NATO Liaison Officer (NLO) in Central Asia

The NATO Liaison Officer in Central Asia works directly with Central Asian government authorities to maximise their use of NATO’s partnership instruments in support of the goals set out in their respective cooperation programmes with the Alliance.


Supported by a small office, the Liaison Officer also acts as NATO’s diplomatic focal point on the ground and facilitates NATO’s practical engagement with Central Asian partners in a variety of areas, including defence planning and review, support to NATO operations, defence education and training, civil emergency planning, cooperation on science and environmental issues, and public diplomacy.


The Liaison Officer further engages and coordinates with other international actors in the region, such as Allied embassies and international organisations, including the missions of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union and the International Committee for the Red Cross.


Kazakhstan was the first Central Asian partner to host the NATO Liaison Officer. Since March 2013, the current NATO Liaison Officer has been based in Uzbekistan, where his office is accredited as a diplomatic mission.


Office of the NATO Liaison Officer in Central Asia




Represent NATO in Central Asia.


Enhance dialogue and understanding with partner states in Central Asia.


Facilitate practical cooperation in the framework of the Partnership for Peace.




Liaise between NATO, Allied and Central Asian partner authorities to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation.


Advise and assist Central Asian partners and NATO on enhancing practical activities in support of objectives outlined in each partner’s individual cooperation programme with NATO.


Support NATO and Allies on ISAF transit issues.


Conduct public diplomacy activities engaging with civil society in Central Asian partner countries.


Coordinate with other international actors (embassies, international organisations) in Central Asia.


Facilitate NATO and Allied bilateral and multilateral projects, events and visits in the region.


General organizational information


The office of the NATO Liaison Officer in Central Asia was accredited in July 2013 and has been operational since August 2013


Current Staff: 4


NATO Liaison Officer/Head of office (NATO civilian IS staff)


Transit Liaison Officer (civilian national expert, seconded by Latvia);


1 locally engaged Executive Assistant


1 locally engaged Administrative Assistant/Office Manager




International Business Centre (11th floor)


107 B, Amir Temur Avenue


100084 Tashkent


Republic of Uzbekistan


Tel.: +998 (71) 234 45 07


Fax: +998 (71) 234 72 07











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