"Nord Stream-2" meets resistance

"Nord Stream-2" meets resistance

By Daniel Rozanov

The project is the construction of new branches of the pipeline "Nord Stream" has alarmed Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, who may lose income from the transit of Russian gas. "Nord Stream-2" ignores the interests of Poland and therefore undermines the unity of Europe "- said on the eve of the Polish president, Andrzej Duda. And Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk urged the EU to block the project because it deprives Kiev transit revenues of 2 billion dollars. In the year ..


As you know, the agreement of shareholders of the project company for the construction of "North Stream-2", ie the third and fourth strings "Nord Stream", was signed in Moscow on September 4. But the project envisages the construction of two lines of the offshore gas pipeline total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.


Meanwhile, part of the European and Ukrainian officials hope to block the project. With harsh criticism against the draft was made in the negotiations in the Slovak Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He called on the European Commission to block the project. According to him, the project is contrary to the stated principles of the European gas market and stores the energy dependence of the European Union (EU) from Russia. At the same time Ukraine itself, according to Yatsenyuk loses the construction of "North Stream-2" about $ 2 billion. What it means for the construction of the EU? This means that the EU loses the possibility of direct gas supplies through Ukraine along the shortest path. The amount of such a loss of 140 billion cubic meters. meters of gas, which can go through the Ukrainian gas transportation system. This means that the construction of the "Nord Stream-2" jeopardizes the security and continuity of gas supplies to the countries of South-Eastern Europe.


Prime Minister of Slovakia supported the position of the Ukrainian colleagues. According to him, the gas pipeline project puts Ukraine and Slovakia "in the unenviable situation." "We are talking about a question concerning the transit of gas in large volumes through Ukraine and Slovakia. And if the transit stop, Ukraine will miss billion, and Slovakia - hundreds of millions of euros, "- said Slovak Prime Minister. He recalled that for many years within the EU discussed the need to help Ukraine, so that she remained stranoy- transit. However, the "Gazprom" has signed with the representatives of European states agreement that will build a new line of "Nord Stream. Sharply expressed and Poles. The agreement on construction of the pipeline "Nord Stream-2" ignores the interests of Poland as undermining its position as a transit country, said the president of Poland Andrzej Duda.


Premier Yatsenyuk during a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said Ukraine's readiness to participate in the creation of a European gas hub, which is now being developed with the participation of Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and Slovak sides. According to him, the country's participation in this project will enhance the energy independence of Ukraine and will allow gas to trade freely without any restrictions. Creating energy hub meets all the criteria and standards of the EU energy policy - and the Third Energy Package, and the European Charter. This is another way how to make the price of the gas market to get rid of Russian gas dependence and how to implement new and transparent conditions for the functioning of the energy market.


In addition to creating a hub in Ukraine expect to get access to the terminals of liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Poland and Lithuania due to the construction of a special gas interconnector. The corresponding agreement between Poland and Ukraine was signed late last year. Previously, the estimated cost of construction of the main gazoprovoda- interconnector in Ukraine was estimated at $ 245 million.


Recall, "Ukrtransgaz" and Polish Gaz-System SA in December last year signed a cooperation agreement on the preparation of a feasibility study for the Association Polish and Ukrainian gas systems. This document provides not only the integration of the gas transport systems of both countries to increase the volume of gas imports to Ukraine from Europe through Poland, but also to ensure European gas storage in underground gas storage (UGS) in Ukraine. And guiding consumers in the EU. In Ukraine, the main goal of expansion is determined construction of the main gas pipeline interconnector "Drozdovychi-Bilche-Volitsa" length of 110 km with a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters. m per year in the direction of Poland-Ukraine and 7 billion cubic meters. m per year in the direction of Ukraine-Poland.


In addition, we are talking about Ukraine's access to the German gas market as one of the effective volume and gas markets in the EU. However, this possibility will be Ukraine a few years. However, after the completion of the Lithuania-Poland interconnector technical capacity to transport gas to Ukraine through the Lithuanian LNG terminal will.


According to experts, the construction of interconnector - quite realistic project. Somewhere in six months in Poland will open a major new LNG terminal with an excess of gas, which Ukraine is quite able to fly. But far from Ukraine, there is another gas hub - CEGH in Austria. " And for "Gazprom" economically it would be advantageous to participate in this project as a supplier. The new strategy of the group involves the supply of gas to the border without building on the territory of the relevant infrastructure.


At the same time the appearance of Ukrainian hub hit Russia's position in Europe. The larger the volume of gas sold, including Russia, on the spot market, the less likely that the Europeans will fully choose from Gazprom's pipe raw materials supplied under long-term contracts. At the same time, if the Russian Federation refuses to trade in this area, the risk of losing market share.


Meanwhile, the prospect of Ukrainian hub, without the consent of the Russian Federation makes experts question. Without the direct participation of Russia, the creation of such a hub possible. At the hub can be realized gas from Poland and the European spot market. However, large volumes of raw materials it will not be sold. Creating a gas hub without the main supplier of gas, that is, without the Russian Federation - an expensive and poorly implemented idea. It is unclear whose gas will then be filled with the hub - analysts said Sberbank Investment Research.





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