NATO and its partners become smarter on energy


Reducing fuel consumption in the military has become an operational imperative: not only can it save money, it will also save soldiers’ lives, as well as improve the mobility and endurance of military forces. Enhancing the energy efficiency of the armed forces is one of NATO’s priorities in the field of energy security. READ MORE

Foreign policy experts to flock to Tallinn for Lennart Meri Conference

Vilnius was the focus for foreign policy experts in February with its hosting of the increasingly well regarded Snow Meeting and Vilnius Forum of Intellectuals. But in April, international experts are increasingly turning their eyes to Tallinn, which will be hosting the 8th Eight Lennart Meri conference on April 24-26. READ MORE

Azerbaijan – the only route bringing Iran’s gas to Europe


By Maksim Tsurkov

Amid the recent news about the lifting of West’s sanctions on Iran, a question emerges about the prospects of openly selling Iran’s resources, particularly, its gas, in the markets in Europe. READ MORE

Russia-China cooperation: relationship of equal partners?


By Diana Garmašaitė

Unrest in Ukraine has become the main catalyst which gave rise to the crisis in the relations of Russia and Western world. After the United States and the EU imposed sanctions on Russia, Moscow started reorienting its entire economy toward the East and first of all toward China. With Beijing’s support Putin hopes to sustain the national economy and regime. What are the benefits of this friendship? READ MORE

Poland to give 100 million euro loan to Ukraine


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has commented on granting loan by Poland and told where the money would go to. READ MORE

Chinese Foreign Policy Comes of Age


By Andrew Small

China’s public offer to mediate peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government marks a notable departure in Chinese foreign policy. It is the first time Beijing is taking a genuine leadership role, on its own initiative, on a geopolitical issue both sensitive and significant. READ MORE

Hungary to simplify visa regime for Kazakhstan


By Assel Satubaldina

Hungary plans to simplify the visa regime for Kazakhstani citizens, Tengrinews reports citing the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.  READ MORE

Iran Refuses to Sign Nuclear Deal Unless Sanctions Fully Lifted – Rouhani


Tehran will not sign the final agreement on its nuclear program reached by the P5+1 group if all sanctions are not lifted, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said. READ MORE

The New European Commission frustrates Germany


Germany and the newly appointed European Commission have different visions for Europe’s future, which has caused tension between the two, writes global intelligence company Strafor. READ MORE

Riyadh Sent a Sign to Moscow

By Sh. Mamayev

Confrontation of Tehran and Riyadh Becomes Dangerous READ MORE

April 2016