Nick Chitadze: USA is interested in the successful implementation of energy projects TANAP and TAP

Nick Chitadze: USA is interested in the successful implementation of energy projects TANAP and TAP


Exclusive interview of the professor  International Black Sea University (Tbilisi Georgia) Mr. Niсk Chitadze

Secretary of State Pompeo held a series of closed meetings in the EU and NATO. What can be interesting to Georgia from their results?

In this regard first of all should be taken into consideration, that several month ago NATO has developed a new four-point plan to contain Russia. It includes the following points: 1. Strengthening the pressure on Moscow, which consists the adoption of sanctions and opening new military bases in the central and eastern Europe; 2. Black Sea Security. As it is known, During the Warsaw and Wales Summits of NATO it was clearly declared about one of the main priorities of NATO related to the Black Sea Region after the occupation of Crimea by Russia; 3. Allies Support. In this case the most closest partners of NATO are Georgia and Ukraine. Accordingly, one of the main purposes of the Alliance organization of the new military exercises on the territories and Marine spaces of both countries. 4. Fighting with cyber threats. It is necessary to point out that The Special Cyber-Operations Center has been launched to prevent relevant cyber threats, which will be fully operational within NATO by 2023. Thus, one of the main reasons of the Pompeo visit to Europe can be connected with the strengthening the Trans Atlantic links between American and European partners of NATO. From one side, to strengthen the defence capabilities of the Alliance and from the other side to continue the dialogue with Russia.

How do You assess the sudden resignation of the Prime Minister of Georgia?

Most probably it was not the sudden resignation, if we take into account, that former Prime – Minister of Georgia considered possibilities of his resignation – including with Bidzina Ivanishvili in spring of this year. Main reasons can be the following: Before the parliamentary elections, which will be held in Fall of 2020, “Georgian Dream” needs “more stronger figure” on the post of Prime-Minister for the resolving different kind socio-economic problems, especially under the conditions of the decreasing the rate of the national currency Lari, which has negatively effected on the price index and living standards in Georgia

Opinions began to be expressed that today Baku was replaced by Tbilisi as the main US ally in the South Caucasus region. Do You agree?

Partly yes, if we take into consideration, that the US will released about $ 100 million to Azerbaijan in 2018-2019 for the assistance in the field of security. At the same time, US assistance to Azerbaijan's State Border Service increased from $ 90 million in 2018 to $ 116 million in 2019. Main reasons of this assistance can be connected with the fact, that during the last period Azerbaijan activated its cooperation with Iran in the field of Transport and energy, furthermore USA is interested in the successful implementation of energy projects, for example TANAP and TAP, where Azerbaijan is considered as gas exporter country.


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