By Kim Shtern

Prior to "EXPO-2017" in Kazakhstan it has less than five months. To date, participation in the exhibition was officially confirmed in 112 countries and 18 international organizations. "EXPO" in Astana included in the rating list of «The New York Times» for 2017, ranking in the list of countries to visit the 26 th place. 


Initially, the organization in Kazakhstan of such an event was a win-win move for the former Soviet republic. Despite the costs, this is an ambitious undertaking left in the world without an answer. Kazakhstan has made significant progress and attention in the eyes of the international community, clearly denoting the voluntary and conscious transition from an oil state, whose financial viability depends on the mineral resources, the ecological energy sources.


However, if we talk about the benefits that will bring the country the exhibition should start with education.


- Tour Guides must be on a different level, have not only in Kazakh, Russian, English, Chinese, French, Turkish and other languages, - the chairman of the "EXPO-2017" Public Council, Rector of the Eurasian University named after L.Gumilev Yerlan Sydykov  - but also know well the geography, history, the economy of Kazakhstan and the world, in the best light to show our country to foreign tourists.


Tourism - the following paragraph, which, thanks to the "EXPO" Kazakhstan expects to achieve victories. For guests visiting the country is going to even open the cosmodrome "Baikonur".


In general, for the last preceding year, the exhibition, the country has done a great job. Rebuild the international pavilions, their exhibitors pass (them - 130). The work on the Centre of Public Communications, where are the Unified Service Center, Accreditation Centre and Media Centre. The construction of rental housing, which after the departure of guests, give in housing.


- EXPO - it's anti-crisis project . To support domestic producers, signed memorandums of cooperation with the akimats of all areas. As a result, today  have attracted 322 domestic producers, signed contracts worth a total of 48.9 billion tenge. As a result, the project has allowed to create and save about 50 thousand jobs throughout Kazakhstan. In addition, we have attracted 126 million euros as sponsors, as well as 211 billion tenge as an investment.


Since it is difficult to disagree. is the safe bet has been selected for the anti-crisis scheme - theme "Future Energy". Renewable energy sources are the focus of entire countries and global companies.


This is the direction of the importance attached to the country's president, Nursultan Nazarbayev.


- Kazakhstan know many aspects - he said. - As a major energy state, as the lead country for the extraction of uranium ore as a wheat exporter, as the owner of the vast natural resources. Now we need to show the new country looking to the future.


This aspect was bribed the Pacific Alliance (which Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia and Barbados) have confirmed their participation in the event. They are actively exploring the possibility of widespread use of renewable energy sources. For example, in Chile, where the mining industry, are increasingly being used solar and wind energy is booming. In Peru, despite the great potential of hydropower resources, significant reserves of natural gas, gas condensate and develops the field of solar, wind and geothermal energy. Colombia - the country that issued your own car on solar energy, and has a significant potential for the development of alternatives in this area. And Mexico, being one of the oil-producing countries, is actively searching for new forms of energy. In the same region is a world leader in the share of renewable energy production - Costa Rica, which uses up to 90 percent of energy derived from alternative sources.


- Our priorities - make a beautiful exhibition with interesting pavilions and publicly promote Kazakhstan and its beautiful people and other citizens from around the world in Astana, - said the Secretary General  Vicente Loscertales. - They will have to do for three discoveries. Kazakhstan, which is a fantastic country. Then Astana - it is a miracle in the middle of the steppe. And the "EXPO-2017", which I'm sure will be a successful and wonderful event.


Astana appreciated even geographers. And was awarded her prize «National Geographic Traveler»:


- I'm sure that this global event will attract the capital of Kazakhstan tourists from around the world - said the deputy director of department of tourism promotion and the National Company "Astana EXPO-2017" Rose Asanbaeva.


- We need to make maximum use of new and innovative technologies that will be demonstrated at the exhibition foreign participants - said, after examining the built infrastructure, the Kazakh leader Nursultan Nazarbayev.







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