The nearest future of the country with profitable investments

The nearest future of the country with profitable investments

By Arthur Dunn

Kazakhstan was up to no less than a technological revolution, some aspects of which the post-Soviet space are not implemented before. Widespread automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the development of international technology park startups - that for the majority of the Central Asian republic neighbors still episodes of the science fiction movie, for Kazakhstan, it is obvious already the near future. It is not far. Translate the economy on a new track President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed to 2025.


Thus, Kazakhstan has once again proved that he does not throw words to the wind. The set in the early decades of the task to enter the 30 most developed countries of the world, which some skeptics seemed utopia and a loud slogan, every day becomes more and more real. Kazakhstan intends to cultivate new high-tech industries, but it does not intend to abandon the old.


So, in the country are planning to launch the program "Digital Kazakhstan", which will contribute to the development of communications and provide ubiquitous access to a fiber-optic infrastructure. And the first to introduce new technologies in the field of IT, Kazakhstan intends to open its own "Silicon Valley" - an international industrial park startups. Investors and businessmen from different countries there promise tax breaks, simplified visa regimes and labor. That is traditional for the "brain drain" of post-Soviet space is now quite possible to replace the direction and talented programmers and ambitious young entrepreneurs will not go to the West and go to realize their ideas in Kazakhstan.


It should be noted that Kazakhstan has successfully nurtures and own advanced generation. Realizing that the language of new technologies today is English, in the country plans to introduce compulsory schooling in that language. And this is not a standard program, from which the majority endure only «London is the capital of Great Britain», and the teaching of other subjects from the course of the senior classes in the language of Shakespeare. And I think this is a real breakthrough, given how things are not what the English and Russian with most countries in the region. Another innovation that is already being implemented in the country - free vocational education. From this year to get it can be anyone: young people and the unemployed, and older people who have no vocational training. In this sense, Kazakhstan is creating a quality foundation for the future. By creating a new high-tech economy, the country trains in advance for its successful operation. That is, in fact - investing in their own human capital, and it is obvious that these investments will be profitable.


I must say that the social environment as a whole, not only education, the Kazakh authorities in the process of economic modernization are paying special attention. Mobilizing resources for the restructuring of the system, the country does not save on social benefits. Pensions and benefits in Kazakhstan will increase in the future - assured Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Address to the Nation.


It should be noted that Kazakhstan has chosen perhaps the most opportune time for economic transformation. Oil prices - on a certain rise, at least, they are higher than the values ​​that have been budgeted for Kazakhstan. That is, the country still receives from the export of raw materials solid dividends, but it is already preparing for the moment when this period is over. That is why the program of modernization of emphasis not so much on the mining sector, as new technologies, as well as reformatting the basic industries.


For example, in Astana are betting on the development of agriculture and planning to make Kazakhstan one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural products, emphasizing that it will be clean. For this purpose Kazakhstan has everything you need: large fertile areas and temperate climate in most parts. What is important - the republic intends to move from raw material production to the production of processed agricultural products. So it is quite possible soon be found products with the label «made in Kazakhstan», not only on the shelves of stores EAEC countries and far beyond. In the next five years, Kazakhstan intends to increase the export of food products by almost half, and in general the share of non-oil exports by 2025 - twice.


And these are just some highlights of the program of modernization of Kazakhstan. By 2025 the country plans to not only implement digital technologies in almost all spheres of activity and reformat the agricultural sector, but also to increase the transit of goods through its territory, to take as many people as possible to business, improve the banking sector and restart the entire financial system.


Kazakhstan creates a unique model of economic growth. And this model, I suppose, to be effective, not only because the country collects particles as a complex puzzle elements of the successful experience of other countries, but also because the economic reforms in the country will be synchronized with the political.


Kazakhstan has prepared an unprecedented constitutional reform. It is designed to redistribute many presidential powers in favor of parliament and the government. It is the general view of experts, will lead to the democratization of the entire political system.









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