NATO's door remains open to Ukraine, Rasmussen says

NATO's door remains open to Ukraine, Rasmussen says

NATO will strengthen partnership with Ukraine and leaves the door for Ukraine's possible accession to the Alliance open, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in his speech at the 2014 GLOBSEC Security Forum in Bratislava on Thursday.


“We must, and we will, remain committed to our, positive vision for Europe. That means we will deepen our partnerships with Ukraine and our other NATO partners. And keep our door open for those countries which see there their future in NATO,” the NATO chief said.


Rasmussen noted that in the face of Russia's aggression, the Alliance must uphold the principle that every country should have the right to choose its own future, including its relationship with NATO.

Also, the NATO chief recalled that Russia after signing the Charter for European Security subscribed to these principles too. “That each country has an inherent right to choose or change its security arrangements. And that no state has the right to consider another as its sphere of influence,” the Alliance's secretary general emphasized.








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