By Alina Kantor

Another high-profile arrests in the capital of Austria and former high official billionaire from Kazakhstan Rakhat Aliyev marked an important trend - the West has ceased to patronize the escaped criminals from the East.


Arrest Rakhat Aliyev recently known under the name Shoraz this Rubicon, which symbolizes a new stage of the investigation.


According to the prosecutor's office in Vienna, the reason for arrest, Rakhat Aliyev became charged with the murder and kidnapping of two bankers who were brought against him in Kazakhstan. In Vienna, recalled that his homeland was sentenced in absentia to a prison term, but the ex-ambassador of Kazakhstan has not been extradited.


Aliyev’s lawyer commented on the situation. He said that Aliyev turned himself in voluntarily. He was arrested on June 5 in the airport. The arrest warrant was issued in May, and it includes a whole range of allegations "from murder to kidnapping, blackmailing, coercion," the lawyer said, adding that none of the allegations were valid to his knowledge.


Commenting the arrest, Kazakhstan's Prosecutor's Office said that it was ready to provide aid in the investigation if the Austrian authorites requested it.


In his home country Kazakhstan Aliyev was found guilty of the murder of two Kazakhstani bankers Zholdas Temiraliyev and Aibar Khasenov who were kidnapped in 2007, but were found dead only  in 2011, four years after their disappearance. Aliyev was also found guilty of treason and preparing a coup d’etat in Kazakhstan. In total he was sentenced to 40 years in prison, but the sentence was given to him in absentia, since he fled Kazakhstan as soon as the investigation into the murder case started.


The minister of Justrice of Austria, used to be Rakhat Aliyev's defence attorney as recently as in 2011. Trying to indicated to the public that he will not be dealing with Aliyev's case, the minister has created a special council to determine which cases might involve a potential conflict of interest for him. It may be a good interim solution. But it still remains to be seen, if the Minister has remained a lawyer of the generous Kazakh multimillionaire deep inside. These accusations are irritating the already sore point on the European justice system.


Kazakhstan requested his extradition from Austria twice, but was denied on both accounts, since Austria was unsure that Alieyev would get a fair trial in his home country. On his part the fugitive Kazakh multimillionaire declared that he was a victim of politically motivated persecution and became a vocal critic of Kazakhstan's leader. However, the charges looked solid enough to Austria and it launched a criminal inquiry into the abduction and murder case against Aliyev in July 2011. At that point Aliyev moved from Austria to Malta.


Until summer 2011 European countries were investigating only fraud charges against Aliyev. There is a whole series of white collar crimes related investigations in Austria, Germany and Malta. Albeit these developments, Aliyev was enjoying a freedom of movement across Europe. And just when no one thought that the affair can get any more complicated, some new developments came to light. In January this year Kazakhstan Prosecutor's Office filed a motion to start a new case against Aliyev.


Example Rakhat Aliyev, as well as other fugitive Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov, shows how difficult it is to understand the essence of such criminal cases.


Lyon Court of Appeal granted the petition of the Prosecutor General admission of its representatives to participate in court hearings to consider requests for extradition Ablyazova. This reduces the already paltry oligarch chances to win.


In January this year the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence has already decided the question of extradition Russia. But later reversed the decision on formal grounds. Nevertheless knowingly pays Abliyazov his lawyers found a clue what that trifling in misfiled papers. Nevertheless, the de facto French Themis already decided the fate Ablyazov left to arrange it de jure. French prosecutors, by the way, said that a positive attitude towards the possibility of its removal from the country.

But it is important that the investigation did albeit slowly, even in small steps, but still moves to a just conclusion final.






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