Marina Kaljurand "ready" to run for role of Estonian President

Marina Kaljurand "ready" to run for role of Estonian President

According to Estonian daily, Postmees, the country’s Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand met with members of the Free Party on April 23, and announcde to her fellow party members that should would be willing to run for president, should the proposal be made to her. 


"I won't nominate myself as a presidential candidate,” she said. “You, members of the parliament, have that right. 


If a member of the parliament makes me such a proposal, I will say 'yes'. Yes, I'm ready to do that. Yes, I'm ready to be responsible.”


The Free Party announced on April 19, that it would organise open hearings that same week to meet with  those who have been mentioned as suitable presidential candidates. The first meeting was with Kaljurand on Saturday.


Besides Kaljurand, the Free Party is to meet with former Justice Minister Allar Joks on April 28 in Tartu, Indrek Tarand on May 6 in Tallinn, and Jaak Joeruut on May 13 in Tallinn.


Previously Joeruut has said he plans to run for president. Meanwhile, Joks and Tarand have not said anything on the matter. 


On Apil 16, 16 Siim Kallas - former vice president of the European Commission - and honorary chairman of the ruling Reform Party and ex-prime minister, also announced he intends to run for president.


At present, Kaljurand the most popular presidential candidate according to survey results. 



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