Lithuania and Ukraine sign further bi-lateral military agreements

Lithuania and Ukraine sign further bi-lateral military agreements

Lithuania’s National Defence Ministry announced on April 18, 2016, that it will advise Ukraine on revamping its sergeants’ corps, and how to develop its Special Operations Forces.


The conditions for the development and the implementation of training and advisory programs were signed by Lithuania’s Defence Minister, Juozas Olekas, and his Ukrainian counterpart, Stepan Poltorak, during a meeting between the two parties in Ukraine on April 18.


"By signing this agreement, we continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Lithuania and Ukraine in the field of defence - particularly on military training issues," Olekas said in a press release.


The agreement will also cover the individual training of soldiers and specialists, which is already carried out by Lithuanian military instructors together with partners from the United States and Canada. 


According to the Lithuanian MoD, the agreement will define the working conditions of Lithuanian instructors and military advisors in Ukraine's defence bodies and their status.


It will also help Lithuania and Ukraine to expedite decisions on appointing Lithuanian experts to the correct positions within these organisations.



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