Latvian minister says Rail Baltica is not being blocked

Latvian minister says Rail Baltica is not being blocked

Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis asserted in an interview with Latvian Radio today that there are no indications that any one of the Baltic nations are purposely trying to sabotage the Rail Baltica project.


He stressed that Rail Baltica is a collaborative project vital to all three Baltic States, and therefore their unity is necessary for in the implementation of the project. ''If the three Baltic countries were able to be united during the Baltic Way, joining the EU, and introducing the euro, then not being able to come together to implement this project would be a bad signal. Much has already been done, and we now need to stop talking and move forward with the project. If we are not capable of doing this, then how will we be looked upon in the future?'' Augulis said.


According to the minister, Baltic representatives of the RB Rail joint venture plan to convene tomorrow to talk over the progression of the project. Augulis believes that the agreement will be signed by the nations and the project will not be postponed. ''There is no indication that anyone is attempting to deliberately torpedo the project,'' he said.


Augulis noted that both Latvia and Estonia are prepared to sign the agreement, whereas the Lithuanian side still needs to coordinate this with its own legislation.


Michael Cramer, chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism, cautioned in an interview with Lithuania's news website last week that the Baltics could lose EU funding for Rail Baltica if they are unable to reach common ground on the project's implementation.


By 2020, the three Baltic countries will be granted a total of 442.2 million euros for this project.













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