Lack of will of law enforcement

Lack of will of law enforcement

By Alina Kantor

All the more evident the threat of terrorism in the world, and transnational crime feels comfortable even in the European Union.


It may be recalled scandal about Syrym Shalabayeva, a refugee from Central Asia, which is actually sheltered Lithuanian Themis. According to experts, this is another example of a lack of will and irresponsible stupidity. This phenomenon of justice does not fit into any framework of common sense.


To understand what I mean, it suffices to say that the person convicted by the High Court in London to imprisonment for 18 months and must serve his sentence. Instead, the Lithuanian authorities give him political refugee status. Naturally, the question arises as to when is the official Vilnius believes that UK policy does not meet the democratic principles and standards. Since Brexit happened?


The thief should be in prison - is an immutable principle of justice in any country of the world. But in this case it somehow does not work. Srym Shalabayev previously arrested at the request of Ukraine (where he stole about $300 million, the Court of Appeal of Lithuania released. It does not really trust the post-Soviet countries. It is strange because in London has actually been proven that Raw is Shalabayev purse mega financial swindler Mukhtar Ablyazov (now he is in prison Fleury-Merogis in France). From their activity affected banks and financial institutions of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, totaling more than $6 million.


Ablyazov managed BTA bank with branches in many countries and receiving a serious financial support from Western creditors and depositors, virtually bankrupted him, withdrawing funds to shell companies in 900 offshore companies.


Naturally, the new management of BTA Bank has attempted to challenge the transaction. The English courts for a long time and thoroughly investigate a complex matter, and established as a result of the theft in the amount of $ 4 million. Ablyazov and Shalabayev tried very hard to confuse traces. That is why the High Court in London has given them both the real terms of imprisonment. In response to the court's decision and Shalabayev Ablyazov fled from England.


It turned out that Raw Shalabayev, had once fled from justice, but it quietly released into the wild. Question: why it was necessary to carry out a police operation to arrest him? Lithuanian Rapid Response Squad "Aras" worked perfectly, holding Shalabayeva last year. Unfortunately, this is not true of the judiciary. There are questions to Themis. It can repeat the sad scenario of London. And in Lithuania, sooner or later, too, the question arises about the crimes of this man.


Lithuanian Court of Appeal examined the case of the extradition of the accused to Ukraine, Kiev refused to grant Shalabayeva, but admitted at the same time the earlier decision of the English Court for damages in favor of BTA Bank. In fact, Vilnius agrees that deals with criminal, because the money he stole, and now they need to recover. Realizing that he is dealing with the criminal Lithuania, however, give him refugee status than automatically assigns him immunity. And this means that London can not pretend to highlight Shalabayeva comfortable VIP camera in any English prison. BTA Bank has no choice but to demand a criminal investigation in respect of the territory of Lithuania. And that means coming new multi-million dollar cost trials, where only attorneys' fees make it possible to live comfortably for several years. This means also that in Lithuania there are levers of influence on the state wishing to see Shalabayeva prisoners, and this is the policy.


According to experts, Vilnius was awarded the right to judge a wealthy criminal who quite possibly run away, but not before leaving part of his fortune here. So, apparently, not a weakness of the Themis and not humanity, and a new type of economic relations. This is when millions of criminals actually legalized criminals in the host country. In the best case in investment. Typically, in such cases there is corruption.


And in order to justify to the public here must necessarily be involved politics. It is enough to declare their political platform to receive the indulgence.


Do we need such a policy Lithuania, if we talk about long-term priorities? Does it lead to the merging of criminals and oligarchs to hide from criminal prosecution in a quiet Lithuania.






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