Kazakhstan has 28 outstanding issues regarding Eurasian Economic Union`s future

Kazakhstan has 28 outstanding issues regarding Eurasian Economic Union`s future

By Daniyar Mukhtarov

Kazakhstan still has 28 outstanding issues and positions on the future of the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty with Russia and Belarus. The signing is scheduled for May 29 in Astana.


The member of the Presidium of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Talgat Doskenov made the remarks at a press conference held in Astana.


"The project of the EAU Treaty is printed on our website indicating the outstanding issues and positions of the National Chamber. Today, there are 28," he said.


Doskenov recalled that the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan participates in the development of the EAU Treaty, defending the Kazakhstan's business positions.


"In general, understanding has been reached on the basic issues among the negotiating groups of the three countries. We are working on the outstanding issues. We think that it is unreasonable to the use exceptional and unified tariffs for transport. This is disadvantageous to all three countries, and we believe that it is not necessary to include this provision in the text of the Treaty," he said.


Doskenov also said that there is need to preserve specific subsidies for Kazakhstan as the republic is implementing the industrialization program.


"The problematic zones of integration concern the barriers on mutual trade, customs regulation, technical regulation within the framework of EAU,"he added.


Today, the serious barriers are recycling duty for imported cars and restrictions on the supply of alcohol products, according to Doskenov.


"The Kazakh "Astana Motors" company planned to provide Russia with some 2,000 buses in 2013. However it could not do it because the tariff for recycling totaled $5000-6000 per car. At the same time, the cars imported from Russia to Kazakhstan are carried without a recycling tariff. There is no such problem with Belarus. Though there is a recycling tariff, it does not apply to EAU partners," the National Chamber representative said.


He recalled that heads of the three countries - Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus will sign the EAU Treaty in Astana on May 29, which is to come into force in January 2015.


As reported earlier, since 2009 the trade turnover among the three EAU member-countries increased by 88 percent and reached $ 24 billion. The exports of processed goods from Kazakhstan doubled.









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