Kazakhstan abstains from vote on UN resolution on Syria

Kazakhstan abstains from vote on UN resolution on Syria

Kazakhstan abstained from vote on a UN resolution on Syria condemning last week's chemical weapons attack.

UN Security Council permanent member Russia vetoed the resolution, which sought to condemn the killings and call on the Assad regime to cooperate with an international investigation into the attack.

Ten states, including the US, the UK and France – the Troika that put together the text of the resolution – voted in favor.

Veto was the eighth time Russia has used its veto to block a UN draft resolution on Syria since its civil war began in 2011.

“The main objection to the resolution is that it apportioned blame prior to an objective outside investigation of the incident... The outcome of the vote was predestined, because we disagreed categorically with a document that was fundamentally misconceived,” said Vladimir Safronkov, Russia’s deputy envoy at the Security Council, who also accused other states and international organizations of making “no effort” to inspect the site of the alleged attack.

If one of the five permanent members of the UNSC vetoes a draft resolution, it automatically fails.

Over 20 UNSC resolutions on Syria have been passed. 
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