Karen Karapetyan’s candidacy for Armenian Premier to be discussed at RPA Council meeting

Karen Karapetyan’s candidacy for Armenian Premier to be discussed at RPA Council meeting

The new Government to be formed in Armenia must take into account all the challenges and public demands that undergo changes with time, MP Artak Zakaryan told the reporters before the RPA Executive Body meeting.  


“The Republican Party has assumed the responsibility for the Cabinet with several PMs in office during its political life and the works of the Government for the previous period should be assessed as sufficient. The new Government must take into account the public demands that change with time. This is a natural path”, “Armenpress” reports Zakaryan mentioning.


To the question if the new government will be of national consensus, the MP answered, “We shouldn’t hurry. A Government of national consensus must be one that contains the demands of all the layers of the society with relevant projects to meet them. I think we will have such a government in the future”.


The reporters asked Artak Zakaryan if the issue of Karen Karapetyan’s candidacy for the post of the PM has been discussed by the party. “Now, if you let us, we will do that during the Council meeting. Karen Karapetyan has been in the Republican Party’s list of Yerevan Council Elders and has cooperated with our party for years”, Artak Zakaryan answered, adding that he has no information about other candidacies for the Prime Minister.


To the question how long Karen Karapetyan will remain in office as a PM, Zakaryan answered, “If we confirm Karen Karapetyan’s or someone else’s candidacy for the post of the PM, I think the Cabinet formed by that person will remain in office until at least the parliamentary elections of 2017 when a new government will be formed”.


The Executive Body meeting of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) kicked off at the party’s headquarters. The meeting is chaired by the President of Armenia and leader of the party Serzh Sargsyan.


The Executive Body meeting will be followed by RPA Council meeting.


Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan announced his resignation on September 8 during the Cabinet meeting. He had assumed the post of the prime minister on April 13, 2014.



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