Italian Story of the Escaped Oligarch’s Family

Italian Story of the Escaped Oligarch’s Family

By Alina Kantor

There is a new turn in the case of the escaped Kazakhstani ex-banker Mukhtar Ablyazov. Ablyazov has blamed the authorities of Kazakhstan in kidnapping of his family from Italy. Rome still declares that the family of the escaped banker lived in the country under fake documents.


On the page of Mukhtar Ablyazov in “Facebook” a message appeared, that the kidnapping of his family – “open terrorism – taking hostages”. The main accused, as Ablyazov thinks, are the authorities of Kazakhstan. This always happens when in the post-Soviet countries the case is about trial proceedings of the countries with escaped oligarchs-businessmen or corrupted officials.


Mukhtar Ablyazov is famous with that he illegally withdrew from the biggest commercial bank of Kazakhstan – BTA Bank more than 6 billion USD. (According to some information this amount reaches 10 billions). The sources were withdrawn in a fraud manner, the most part - through offshores. By this fraud hurt not only Kazakhstan, but also Russia and Ukraine, where the representative offices of the bank operated actively.


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Not long before the moment of accusation of Ablyazov in financial crimes he escaped to London. And following the tradition he declared himself to be the “fighter for democracy” and opposer to the Kazakhstani power in force. With special enthusiasm he started oppositional rhetoric after the court decision behind his back was announced in his motherland – he was convicted to a long term of imprisonment for the fraud. 


For several years the prosecutors from this Central Asian country were striving for Ablyazov deportation to Kazakhstan and were proving in the British court that Ablyazov was a fraud. This year the High Court of London has satisfied several suits of BTA Bank towards the ex-managers of the bank. According to them, 2.1 billion USD plus percents shall be recovered from Ablyazov. (The bank at the moment is in the process of obtaining of court decision for another 1,5 billion.). About 2 billion USD shall also be recovered from ex-crime-partners of Ablyazov, who also hide abroad. Now British lawyers are actively searching for the sources stolen from Kazakhstan. A part of them has already been found in offshore accounts, another part – as real estate property, which is now already in the process of selling.


When the High Court of London issued a decision to arrest Ablyazov, he escaped to France. In Spain Ablyazov’s accomplice has been arrested, who is suspected in arrangement of a terroristic act in Almaty. The Czech Republic made a decision to extradite Tatyana Paraskevich, a financial director of “IPG “Eurasia”, who has been wanted by Ukrainian police within the frameworks of the investigation of theft form BTA Bank of 4 million USD. 


45 people were brought to justice under the case of Mukhtar Ablyazov in Kazakhstan. Russian court convicted for 8 and 9 years of jail four top-managers of the company “Eurasia Logistic”, who were a part of laundering of BTA Bank money. And recently the Investigating department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has finished the investigation of the case towards the co-owner of the leasing company “Delo” Dmitry Paka and its General Director Oleg Tsarayev, who are accused of the fraud in extremely big scope and legalization of criminal profits. 


The core of the fraud is that the leasing company got in scope from the BTA Bank 70 credits for 70 million USD, the tracks of which consequently lost in offshores. As a result, the payee under the credits was not the BTA Bank, but strangely occured Cyprus company “Kimos”. According to the published data, in favor of Ablyazov 31 company was registered at the British Virgin Islands. Ablyazov was withdrawing sources from the bank between 2005 and 2009 through 25 companies of this list. 


Mukhtar Ablyazov himself soon after the opinion of the High Court of London started inclining to his being guilty, he escaped. His location is still unknown. Despite the fact that he is in international search. And his family till recently lived in the suburbs of Rome and its location was perfectly known to everyone.


As Ablyazov reported, “On May 29th, 4.30 a.m. in the suburbs of Rome there was an attack on the house, where my wife with our six years old daughter stayed… About thirty armed policemen burst into the house… Without presenting any accusations of search order, Alma was taken in indefinite direction … On May 31st the policemen came to the house, where my daughter stayed under the supervision of my relatives and took her with force without explanations of the reasons. Already in the evening the lawyers learned that they had to be extradited to Kazakhstan. My wife and daughter stayed within the territory of Italy legally. But the lawyers were informed that there is a decision of an Italian judge on their extradition”. 


Ablyazov and later his elder daughter spread the declaration that this deportation is illegal and this is the deed of Kazakhstani authorities. However, as it become known after a few hours after the announced declaration, the extradition was completely legal and the family of the ex-head of the BTA Bank was deported from Italy to Kazakhstan under the initiative of Italian authorities. 


“The Consular Department of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Italy issued the certificates for the return into the Republic of Kazakhstan of the citizens Alma Shalabayeva and Alua Ablyazova. The certificates were issued under the favor of Italian authorities, which deported these citizens to Kazakhstan due to the violation of the law of the Italian Republic by them ". 


The violation was that the wife and the daughter lived in Italy under fake passports of the Central African Republic. And this already is the question to Ablyazov and the level of corruption in the African country. 


As known, another escaped Kazakhstani criminal – Rakhat Aliyev – is also involved in the fraud with fake documents. Particularly, with a bribe to one big Austrian official he got European passport. And for many years, till the Themis of several European countries got involved into the issue of the legitimacy of his staying in the territory of the EU no one told a thing.


The same is about the case of Ablyazov. Till the moment of the decision of the London Court he and the members of his family without troubles lived within the lands of the European Union. However from the moment of his case “development” by London lawyers the truth came out also about the “quality” of his family’s passports. In this situation Italian police could make the only legal step – to deport the citizens of another state to the motherland. Which has been done.


At the moment the wife of Ablyazov and his daughter are in Almaty staying at their relatives. They are not arrested by the authorities and are not “controlled”. And for sure they are not the hostages, as Ablyazov declares. Another thing is that they have become the hostages of the actions of their father and husband – a famous speculator and fraud, who shall keep on declaring about his “political prosecutions” of him and his family, trying to escape and hide yet in shadow funds. It is pretty possible that he shall make another attempt to raise (or at least to finance) in Kazakhstan a people’s rebel (the way it happened in winter 2011 in Janaozen in the west of the country). Today the investigation of his fraud financial schemes is performed not only by Kazakhstani, but also European investigators.






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