Iran’s Zarif attempting to contact Trump's team?

Iran’s Zarif attempting to contact Trump's team?


After Trump won the presidential election, Zarif unsuccessfully made efforts to connect with his team, in particular Trump’s secretary of state nominee, Karimi Ghoddousi said.


The conservative MP, who is famous for his criticism of the nuclear negotiations and the historic nuclear deal, claimed that Zarif has requested European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini to establish the contact between the two sides.


Karimi Ghoddousi further said that Mogherini is scheduled to visit the US in the coming days in this regard.


Last week Karimi Ghoddousi claimed that Zarif admitted botched job in nuclear talks with the world powers.


He said that Zarif during his latest meeting with members of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has confessed that he made ‘a big mistake’ in trusting the Americans.


Karimi Ghoddousi’s disclosure of Zarif’s remarks faced strong reaction from supporters of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action aka nuclear deal) in both the government and the parliament.


Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Bahram Ghassemi rejected the MP’s remarks, calling his quotes “incorrect, altered, and taken out of context.”



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