Iran still in talks with Italy to return satellite

Iran still in talks with Italy to return satellite

Iran is still holding talks with Italy to return its satellite Mesbah, which Tehran sent to the European country for launch 10 years ago, which was not launched for technical reasons.

Since then, Italy has not returned it, Iran’s first domestically made satellite.

Recently an official with the Aerospace Organization of Iran said since the satellite cannot be launched, it will be put in a museum in Iran.

Mohsen Bahrami said the $10 million project was developed as a tool for collecting data on ground water resources in the country, as well as studying the region weather.

In 2003 while undergoing tests in Italy’s Carlo Gavazzi’s research unit, the satellite was seized by European Union sanctions compliance officers citing sanctions against Iran.

In the latest remarks over the case, ICT Minister Mahmoud Vaezi said after ten years the satellite is sure to have run out of battery, but this does not mean launching it is out of the question.

He said if the government manages to take the satellite from Italy, it will be inspected by experts to determine whether a launch is possible.


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